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Coach Name:Yvonne Acquafredda

Location:Tampa, Florida, United States of America

Zip Code:34654

Company name:Ibis Coaching

Job Title:Managing Partner/Coach

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Qualifications and Accreditations:MBA

Erickson Professional Certified Coach



Tampa, Florida, United States of America

Yvonne Acquafredda

CIQ Certified Coach

Yvonne spent most of her early career in the marketing departments of organizations large and small. Using her creativity and love of analytics, marketing was a fun career, but as time went on, it became clear marketing was not her “calling”.


She frequently wanted to use her psychology background, which is what she majored in while at college, but wasn’t sure exactly how to apply it to a meaningful career that would truly help others.


In the summer of 2015, after quite a bit of soul searching she discovered, quite accidentally, that coaching is what her true calling is. She immediately enrolled at Erickson International, a coaching school known for combining neuroscience with the art of coaching.


After graduating from Erickson, Yvonne founded Ibis Coaching, a full service coaching company co-owned with her mom, a fellow professional coach. Together the two enrolled in C-IQ to become certified conversational intelligence coaches with the goal of helping everyone improve their conversational skills.


Within weeks of the program it became obvious to Yvonne that while much of the program was geared to organizations and executives, the principles learned could help everyone, from spouses to parents, sales-people, teachers and anyone who felt as though their voice wasn’t being heard.


Yvonne truly loves to help people achieve their goals and vision in life and at work and wants to help everyone become their best selves.