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Coach Name:Ursula Lamberti

Location:Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Zip Code:93105

Company name:Ursula Lamberti Consultant

Job Title:Executive Coach, Mediator, Facilitator

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Professional Experience:C-IQ Certified Coach

Executive Leadership Coach


- Team Building
- Conflict Resolution


Qualifications and Accreditations:Masters Applied Psychology

M.S.S. - Masters in Spiritual Science

NLP Practitioner Certification

Mediation Certification

Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) Certified Coach


Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Ursula Lamberti

CIQ Certified Coach

Ursula Lamberti is an executive leadership coach, mediator and corporate facilitator. Since 1990, her clients have included multimillion dollar organizations in the entertainment, healthcare and manufacturing industries. She also facilitates communication, team building and conflict resolution workshops.


Ursula holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology, Masters in Spiritual Science, and Bachelor of Social Science (Social Work) Degree. Other qualifications include: Mediation Certification, In-Service Training Certificate, Psycho-Technician Certification and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner Certification.


She is also a C-IQ certified coach. Since 1993, Ursula has served as a director and corporate secretary on two manufacturing company Boards.


Ursula has earned the prestigious designation of Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) Certified Coach. C-IQ is a transformational methodology that combines neuro-science with coaching and team building to create extraordinary results for individuals and teams.


As a leadership coach she uses her C-IQ skills to support the executive to improve performance by developing and enhancing leadership skills, developing masterful communication skills, conflict resolution capabilities and increase overall executive presence. She individualizes the process based on the person, their particular needs and the desired business results.


Prior to moving to the USA in 1992, Ursula had a consulting company in South Africa. She focused primarily on assisting organizations to address the communication and conflict issues which arose from their conversion to fully integrated, equal opportunity employers while still operating within the apartheid system.


These issues ranged from supporting and accelerating the integration of black staff within the white western business culture to addressing the backlash from white staff who were resistant to this change in corporate policy. During this period, she gained invaluable experience mediating and supporting diverse groups to resolve their conflicts and find meaningful ways to work together.


A large part of Ursula’s success comes from her keen ability to listen with neutrality and sensitivity to her clients and, from there, collaborating with them to identify and attain their desired outcomes. Ursula feels strongly that given the amount of time spent working, strong trusting relationships are crucial to ensuring a quality of life that is not only productive but joyful.


She is deeply committed to supporting executives to enhance the quality of their relationships at work by enhancing their ability to connect and form trusting strong bonds which in turn enhances their ability to resolve conflicts and disagreements that inevitably arise out of the normal course of doing business.


Born, raised and for the most part educated in South Africa, Ursula has lived permanently in the US since 1992. Raised as a white person within the apartheid system of South Africa she felt deeply the inequities of her privileged life and was dedicated to making constructive change to the inequalities she experienced. Since moving to America she remains dedicated to supporting increased diversity within organizations.


She was raised in an entrepreneurial family and has participated in family businesses from an early age, giving her an inside understanding of the dynamics of running businesses. She enjoys travel and has spent lengthy periods in Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Iceland.