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Coach Name:Trish Maguire

Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Zip Code:L0G 1N0

Company name:Synergyx Solutions

Job Title:Founder/President

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Professional Experience:Leadership Development/ Executive Coach



Qualifications and Accreditations:Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach

Master of Arts in Leadership Training [MALT]


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Trish Maguire

CIQ Certified Coach

Trish has over 30 years of dedicated experience in human capital development. She is acknowledged for being a leadership development/executive coach and trusted advisor with a clear focus on leveraging neuroscience to help people move from conversations that miss the mark to conversations that trigger trust, growth and innovation.


Her professional, adaptive and perceptive approach enables clients to make transformational and sustainable change by creating open trusting partnerships and achieving greater collaboration and creativity.  


Trish brings extensive business experience in the human potential field where she acquired a track record for leading and delivering strategic initiatives in Labour Relations, Organizational Development, Cultural Change, Organizational Effectiveness and Talent Management Strategies.


Her commitment continues to be in guiding business leaders to build better workplaces, better managers, better leaders and better working conditions.


By leveraging her diverse business experience and Conversational Intelligence® coaching skills Trish enables clients to gain a competitive advantage by understanding themselves and their people at the deepest levels. As a result clients develop stronger influential leadership teams and create far more collaborative, aligned and creative workgroups.


Using a variety of unique tools and behavioural assessments Trish encourages clients to self-challenge thinking styles, unconstructive behavioural traits, values and habits that may be limiting their personal and/or organizational success.


As a Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach and with the introduction of endorsed leadership models, Trish raises the bar with clients on developing more adaptive mindsets, exploring and expanding unique strengths and accelerating personal growth and transformation.