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Coach Name:Tricia Stinson

Location:Bunburra, Queensland, Australia

Zip Code:4310

Company name:Leveraging Leadership

Job Title:Executive Coach and activator of organisational and leadership change

Website or LinkedIn

Professional Experience:Certified C-IQ Coach

Executive Coach

Solution-Focused Coach

Change process facilitator

Activator of leadership learning

Qualifications and Accreditations:Bachelor of Education

Certified in Conversational Intelligence

Accredited Executive Coach Growth Coaching International

Solution-Focused Business Professionals Certificate


Bunburra, Queensland, Australia

Tricia Stinson

CIQ Certified Coach

Tricia was born in 1954 and is currently based in SE Queensland. In 2012 she started her own business as an Executive Coach, working primarily with school leaders in both primary and secondary schools – large and small, experienced and emerging, transitioning and aspiring, senior and middle …and those who lead without title or position.


Tricia encountered Judith E Glaser’s work at World Business and Executive Coaching Summit 2015. She immediately registered for the Enhanced Course and to be considered for the Certification Program. In July 2016, she was invited to participate in Certification as a result of the quality of her application, experience and potential to introduce C-IQ to her world.


In addition, Tricia was a Co-Facilitator of a Peer Coach Group as part of the course. That peer group connection continues to further investigate Judith’s work to maximise impact for clients.


For Tricia, C-IQ is a natural progression in her work with clients. Its potential to radically ignite the learning and development of leaders and their organisations is exponential; particularly at a time when trust and the quality of conversation with their people is critical to meet their aspirations and desired outcomes.


Her work comes through direct referral from current and previous clients. Tricia is sought because she will connect, support and challenge clients to be the very best they can be – individually or organisationally. This speaks to their fierce desire to learn and grow. It is also known that she closely guards her clients’ privacy, as she does their right to confidentiality.


Additionally, she facilitates group change processes that activate engagement in shared decision-making. This work has built from 15 years of process facilitation in leadership capability development, professional learning, strategic planning and coaching and mentoring of leaders and teams; as well as facilitation of action learning processes with particular emphasis on reflective professional practice through both structured and open ended professional dialogue.


She is known amongst clients and colleagues alike for her commitment to lifelong learning for herself and others; as well as her capacity to design and implement differentiated approaches that match a client’s aspirations. She is particularly committed to the annual World Business and Executive Coaching Summit because it provides the best of the best practitioners in the world and showcases those emerging.


Tricia works with an experienced coach supervisor to ensure that she offers the best she can for her clients.


She currently holds memberships with:


  • Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School (Affiliate)
  • International Coach Federation
  • Association for Solution Focus in Organisations (ASFIO)
  • Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) (Premium Lifetime)