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Coach Name:Toni Snelgrove

Location:Auckland, New Zealand

Zip Code:Auckland 0620

Company name:Snelgrove & Associates Ltd

Job Title:Executive Performance Coach

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Qualifications and Accreditations:-Certified in Conversational Intelligence™ (to be announced);

-Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF);

-KII (Keller Influence Indicator) Enterprise Certification;

-Coach U Certified Graduate;

-Masters Social Science and Community Psychology Diploma


Auckland, New Zealand

Toni Snelgrove

CIQ Certified Coach

I am an ICF-Credentialed Executive Coach who is passionate about growing NZ-based leaders and their teams, through inspiring conversations which accelerate potential and performance.


Here is a testimonial: “Toni as an executive coach quickly earned my trust in my journey as an authentic senior leader with her understanding of the challenges I was facing, imparting and applying approaches that … continue to work for me time and again in being the best that I can be.”  – Brendan Podayko, Business Solutions Manager, CIO (acting), Coca-Cola Amatil (NZ) Ltd.


Having journeyed to becoming Certified, Conversational Intelligence™ for me has become a way of being with myself and with others with stunning results of calm fortitude, conversational excellence and a renewed excitement for the possibilities which abound within and amongst us.


Areas for focus as a Performance Coach.


Conversational Intelligence™ – an authentic ‘inside-out’ approach to reframing situations through inspiring practical possibility into conversations.  It is a transformational antidote for low staff engagement, low customer engagement and for employees ‘spinning out’ from negativity, distraction and disruption.


Being Influential (through the KII™ tool) – an inside-out, authentic platform to measurably grow one’s influence through understanding the 7 scientifically-proven factors of Influence.  It is a step forward on from Emotional Intelligence.


Conflict facilitation – a line-of-sight to enjoying transformational positive working relationships by clever transparent agile navigation through conflictual conversations.


Getting your Mojo back – Career Effectiveness. It’s the employee’s role to proactively manage their career. Get real and get the smarts to set yourself up for career success.


Snelgrove and Associates Ltd is the vehicle for inspirational conversations.  It is an executive coaching company in Auckland, formed by Toni Snelgrove in 1998.