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Coach Name:Tina Gaarn Christensen

Location:Bagsvaerd, Copenhagen, Denmark

Zip Code:2880

Company name:Leadinspire

Job Title:Owner of Leadinspire

Website or,

Professional Experience:Executive coach,
Certified Business coach,
Certified Master coach,
Social & Emotional intelligence certified coach

Qualifications and Accreditations:Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach, ACC Certified coach, Social & Emotional intelligence certified coach, Certified Master coach, Master in Economics

Languages:Danish and English

Bagsvaerd, Copenhagen, Denmark

Tina Gaarn Christensen

CIQ Certified Coach

Imagine a place – a place where you go to work – or actually, it does not feel like work, because you recharge your batteries at this place. Employees show up, they create stunning results, give their colleagues fair and valid feedback on a daily basis, they enter conscious conversations and are not afraid of sharing their thoughts and ideas – also those that might seem negative.


Imagine a place with a level of trust that allows you to speak up, but also listen, because you know, that your colleagues have valuable information, that is worth listening to. There are mostly smiles on people’s faces, and a clear focus and concentration. Sometimes they laugh out loud and just enjoy each other’s company. People challenge each other and sweat together.


They ask for and give a hug when needed. A language for communication makes it easy to know how, and when to say yes, to say no and to share. They hold effective and inspiring meetings and they use each other’s strengths and are aware of their own limitations. They know that diversity is good, and that consensus thinking might limit their results.


It is a very meaningful place to check in at, and everyone has a clear idea of where they are going. They know for sure, that they will need to change their way of working many times on their journey, and this is just fine, because they know how to cope with new information and new conditions.


This is my vision for workplaces and I will do my outmost to help companies transform their workplaces.