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Coach Name:Timi Gleason

Location:San Diego, California, United States of America

Zip Code:92131

Company name:Executive Goals

Job Title:Leadership & Organizational Development Coach

Website or LinkedIn

Professional Experience:Leadership Coach,
Master Coach,
Coach Trainer,
Mentor for Career Coach Institute students,
Organizational Development Consultant

Qualifications and Accreditations:Conversational Intelligence Certification (2017)

Gold Mastery in Strategic Management and Systems Thinking

Books - Amazon & Kindle Author: Becoming Strategic: Leading with Focus and Inspiration (2015); Coach as Strategic Partner (2010)

Stakeholder Centered Coaching Method (2011)

Certificate in Creative Education: Managing Creatives in sales, I.T., Education

Certificate in Community Mediation with specialities in Divorce Mediation and Group Mediation

Certified Birkman Behavioral Assessment

Certified MBTI consultant

DISC assessments

Gallup Strengthsfinder consultant

FASCINATION Personal Brand assessment user

Languages:English and some Spanish

San Diego, California, United States of America

Timi Gleason

CIQ Certified Coach

Since the 1990’s Coach Timi has been advising high potential and high performing individuals and teams. When leaders become isolated as a result of heavy responsibilities, or they begin to receive negative feedback about their leadership style, Timi provides professional support that accelerates and ensures each client’s career resiliency.


Timi has 15 years as a hands-on leader in the private sector and for the last ten years has become a subject matter expert in leadership development. She is knowledgeable in Human Resources, Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, and has practical expertise in Business Intuition and Creativity.


Timi’s approach promotes the broadening of a client’s perspective and talent by adding more “bells and whistles” to their existing leadership strengths, as opposed to looking at a client as deficient or failing. Metaphorically, she turns “base cars into race cars”. She encourages candid, personal reflection and continuing success from a position of dignity and strength.


Besides her training and experience using Conversational Intelligence as an intervention and developmental tool, Timi is a cross-functionally experienced business person.  She has strong business acumen in many industries.  Her clients are typically senior leaders in outside sales, marketing, various types of operations, I.T., communications, the sciences, and media.


Timi has been professionally coaching for 20 years.  She has complementary skills in Neurolinguistics (NLP) and Stakeholder Centered Coaching (Goldsmith Method) in addition to Gold Mastery in Systems Thinking & Strategic Management. She has artistic certification in Commercial Design.  All of these define Timi’s unique and resourceful brand.


Timi is highly experienced:

  •         developing leaders in underrepresented groups.
  •         working globally with government leaders and for-profit corporations.
  •         coaching for assimilation and behavioral change after leadership training


Clients appreciate Timi’s resourceful, customized approach. She moves agilely between the roles of mentor, coach, and consultant. Coach Timi is known for bringing unique value and depth to individual and group sessions, piquing their critical thinking skills and role-modeling a big picture approach.


Timi also offers assessments that measure individual and group TRUST, BEHAVIOR STYLE, TEMPERAMENT, and STRENGTHS-BASED skills.  Coach Timi is committed to helping her clients promote cross-functional collaboration, break down organizational silos, and foster Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ).  As a client of Timi’s you will walk away stronger and more confident in yourself.


Timi has a Bachelor of Science degree with Certifications in Strategic Management and Systems Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Community Mediation, Stakeholder Centered Coaching, and Charitable Giving.