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Coach Name:Tim Warkentin

Location:Vancouver,British Columbia, Canada

Zip Code:V5K 3W3

Company name:Warkentin Consulting

Job Title:Consultant

Website or

Professional Experience:Consultant

Qualifications and Accreditations:Certified Birkman Consultant,
Certified Paterson StratOp & LifePlan Facilitator,
Certified Core COACH


Vancouver,British Columbia, Canada

Tim Warkentin

CIQ Certified Coach

I was 16 when I first became aware that leaders can lead well … or poorly. I found myself wondering how I might help these men and women in leadership develop and grow. Over the years I have reported to them, worked alongside them and guided them. It is a wonder when we lead well… and a sorrow when we don’t.


For over 25 years, I have experienced this reality as a trainer, coach, mentor, facilitator and a leader myself. As a result, I have discovered my own unique contribution—to create environments and design strategies for leaders to discover their passions and pursue the impact they long for in the world. I would like to discover what this may look like for you.


I live in the amazing city of Vancouver, BC along with my wife and three kids who are making the transition to adulthood. We love the natural beauty of the west coast, our funky, eclectic and committed neighbourhood, and the fact that we can get great food from just about every country right outside our doorstep.


We live in a character home (which means everything gets fixed twice) and my patience continues to grow as I explore the process of sculpting stone.