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Coach Name:Teresa Marinelli

Location:Kinnelon, New Jersey, United States of America

Zip Code:07405

Company name:On Good Terms Coaching

Job Title:CEO/President

Website or,,

Professional Experience:Executive Coach,
Founder of the Progressive Institute of Learning,
VP of Sales-Nautica Women’s,
KSK International-Sport Division,
Carol Little Inc-Sport Division

Qualifications and Accreditations:Conversational Intelligence Certified and Enhanced Coach,

Voice Dialogue Training,

Belief Clearing Certification,

Environmental Intelligence Certification,

Feng Shui/Geomancy Certification


Kinnelon, New Jersey, United States of America

Teresa Marinelli

CIQ Certified Coach

Teresa Marinelli, President and CEO of On Good Terms Coaching has joined an elite group of coaches certified in Conversational Intelligence; a cutting edge methodology that helps leaders and their teams build trust and achieve extraordinary results faster and more sustainably through impactful communication and dynamic interaction.


Clients seek Teresa in times of uncertainty and project complexity for her solutions oriented and results-driven coaching. She specializes in authentic leadership development and honest conversation that leads to business and personal  transformation.  


Her innovative approach combines both solid, traditional business wisdom and expertise with energy management best practices.


Teresa’s remarkable, high-level and innovative coaching style has landed her clients that include high-profile, corporate clients and C-Suite executives in organizations like Viacom, Newell Brands, HUB International and Tzell Travel Group. Purpose driven small business owners, and entrepreneurs, also work with Teresa effectively to achieve their goals and grow their visions.  


She passionately advises clients both in the U.S. and worldwide.


Prior to expanding her business as an Executive coach, Teresa founded The Progressive Institute of Learning as a platform for helping stressed out executives discover greater meaning and purpose in life.


Her career in business began in the retail fashion industry where she became Vice President of Sales at KSK International. Her responsibilities included profitably launching, managing and growing multi million dollar businesses.


Her passion for teaching teams and individuals how to cultivate the leader within and to lead a purpose-driven life has been featured on international radio shows, local television stations and in print.   


Teresa is the creator of the Relational Transformation Technique™ and author of Transform Your Relationship to Self, an E-Book.  


She takes risks in business and in life regularly challenging herself physically from skydiving to trapezing.   She enjoys spending precious time with her teenage daughter, Jax their dog, taking interesting classes, and giving back through volunteering as a girl scout leader and teaching.


Teresa’s insight and support has been invaluable to me as I strive to be a better father, husband, leader and human being. Her coaching style leads not only to self-discovery, but awareness of how to use those discoveries to influence actions. Eric Langberg, VP Engineering and Quality Control.


Her philosophy in life is simple; the external world is our reflection. Any question we have can be answered from the conversational container of our environment. As an identical twin, she’s embodied this philosophy her entire life yet did not truly understand it’s value until she found herself stressed out and out of balance at the age of 34. As a dedicated VP of Sales, her personal life was suffering.


Repeatedly sick, she new something had to change. The door to well being opened after reading a life changing article about feng shui. Following the methodology, she moved her bed and a week later received an unexpected promotion. Intrigued by this outcome, she immersed herself in the exploration of the environment and the invisible factors that impact our lives.


Here she discovered the power of her intuition and the greater meaning and purpose of her life. Her journey has allowed her to experience life from a wider lens of possibility and peace of mind. This is what she seeks to bring forward for her client’s, their families and their businesses.