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Coach Name:Tanja Murphy-Ilibasic

Location:Biberach an der Riss, Germany

Zip Code:88400

Company name:PS Development

Job Title:Owner, Business Communications & Corporate Coach

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Professional Experience:- International Leadership Coach

- Facilitator & Intercultural Competencies Trainer

- Mediator for Conflict Resolution

- Coach for Team Building & Organisational Change Management

- ESP Communications Trainer

- FCE/CAE/CPE Language Trainer

- Train-the-Trainer

- Conference Speaker

- World Cafe Host

Qualifications and Accreditations:- C-IQ® Certified Coach

- Institute of Leadership & Management Level 5 Certified Coach & Mentor

- Facilitator & Intercultural Competencies Trainer

- Foreign Language Correspondent

Languages:English - native proficiency, German - native proficiency, Spanish - intermediate proficiency, Croatian - elementary proficiency

Biberach an der Riss, Germany

Tanja Murphy-Ilibasic

CIQ Certified Coach

Tanja is passionate about people. Passionate about understanding their aspirations and motivational drivers. Passionate about helping them pinpoint both their personal and professional obstacles and challenges. Passionate about supporting them in how to overcome these whilst remaining true to their own values. Passionate about helping them grow and discover the immeasurable wealth of genuine trust and co-creation within the working environment, and how to strive for, attain and embody these to the benefit of all, professionally and personally.


With a background in training and competing in the riding disciplines eventing and point-to-points, Tanja has keen observational skills, allowing her to be particularly receptive to her environment and sensitive to unspoken signals. Key strengths of hers are relationship building, facilitation, conflict resolution, and enhancing intercultural and communication competencies. She is a dynamic conference speaker, train-the-trainer and World Café host with exceptional interpersonal and motivational skills. She engages with others heart and soul, bringing energy and focus into her roles and driving for results.


Tanja spent 14 years as the liaison between the non-English-speaking CEO of a British Petroleum subsidiary based in Germany and the UK headquarters. In addition to her role as point-of-contact for line management, her remit included close collaboration with the business partners for HR, Finance, Acquisitions/Joint-Ventures/Green-field Start-ups, Legal, Health/Safety & Environment, and Inspections & Audits. Her interpersonal, facilitation and language skills were of key competencies in this position.


During this time, Tanja also started focusing communication training and coaching, leading to a collaboration of over 25 years with one of the leading pharmaceutical corporations worldwide. Her professional knowledge base has expanded to include all aspects of clinical trial development, supply and studies, biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes, inspection preparation and execution, to name a few. Her focus on establishing trust and genuine relationships within organisations, coupled with a high level of commitment, clarity and a result-driven approach, has made her a highly valued and respected partner for many.


In addition to her work, Tanja has two licenses as an outdoor climbing instructor and mountain guide for the German Alpine Club, the world’s largest climbing association. She is also the treasurer for the English Language Trainers’ Association Ulm, a non-profit organisation for the professional development of language and communication trainers in Germany.