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Coach Name:Sonja Vlaar

Location:Boxtel, The Netherlands

Zip Code:5282 GA

Company name:Attune

Job Title:Owner Attune/ Coach/ Consultant

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Professional Experience:-Coach for executives, professionals, executives, and teams



Qualifications and Accreditations:-Facilitator: certificate of training Alchemy - the Art & Science of co-facilitation

-Conversational Intelligence certified

-Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching

- Talent Development Professional TMA Method (certified)

-Focusing Professional (certified)

-Supervisor LVSC (certified)

-Herrman Dominance Brain Indicator(certified)

-Nutritionist (University engineer degree)

Languages:Dutch: fluent; English: fluent; Portuguese : fluent

Boxtel, The Netherlands

Sonja Vlaar

CIQ Certified Coach

Leadership – Learning & Development – Talent Development – Communication

“I enjoy bringing personal leadership to a higher level of trust, intelligence and competency”.


Sonja started her international career in Mozambique, Afrika. There she became passionate about the communication dynamics of our cultural diverse world and the importance of inclusion.

Sonja is a self-employed professional and takes the roles of coach, consultant, trainer, supervisor, mentor and facilitator.

She believes that people can only grow with an education and guidance that fits to their own true self and potential. Her strength is to unveil (hidden) talents of individuals and teams and bridging the gap between the current employability-levels and the needs in their environment.


Coaching: Sonja focuses on three levels of intelligence:


·      Emotional Intelligence: attune to Self

·      Relationship Intelligence: attune to “We” and move from “I to We”

·      Conversational Intelligence®: attune to T.R.U.S.T. (Transparency, Relationship, Understanding, Shared Success and Testing Assumptions) with insights from neurosciences and best practices for communication and relationship dynamics.

Sonja supports organizations, teams and individuals in talent diagnostics, talent development and advice about education, employability and career.


She is an active agent for individuals in adapting to digital education and shares knowledge and learning through engaged community building.


Qualifications: Sonja is a life long learner. Originally she graduated at the Wageningen University as a social nutritionist & health professional. Thereafter she became multi-certified in the professional approaches of:


·      ORSC®: Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching® to develop the team, partnerships and other ways of cooperation as a whole.

·      C-IQ® Conversational Intelligence®: to develop the capacity to connect, to navigate, to grow and create resilient organizations

·      LVSC®: Dutch Chamber for Supervision to guide individuals and teams with interventions for learning and talent development.

·      TMA® Method to offer an integrated approach for assessing, managing and developing talents, talent management, career advice, competency management and 360 feedback.  

Sonja shares knowledge and learns with peers in the global communities of ORSC, C-IQ and TMA