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Coach Name:Sheryl Brosnan

Location:Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Zip Code:3054

Company name:Emergent

Job Title:Executive coach

Professional Experience:Executive Coach

leadership team coach

process facilitator

Qualifications and Accreditations:Master Educational Psychology

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Sheryl Brosnan

CIQ Certified Coach

Sheryl coaches and supports leaders in Conversational Intelligence to help build constructive, empowering, results oriented teams and culture.  In helping them understand the dynamics of change and interpersonal interaction she enables them to better design and implement effective strategies to facilitate personal and organisational transformation.  She draws upon her deep knowledge and experience of individual and organisational development, systems and chaos theory, neuroscience and mindfulness based practice, and the interplay between conscious and unconscious processes to help them identify opportunities and resolve blockages in establishing effective work relationships, to shape culture and improve productivity.


Sheryl uses ‘conversational intelligence’ primarily with executives and leadership teams providing high quality coaching and facilitation to achieve agreed outcomes.  Strongly respecting the uniqueness and resourcefulness of others she works as a strategic partner, co-creating open, honest relationships for growth.  Working from their purpose, values and vision individuals and teams engaging with her explore and, as appropriate, challenge current reality, strengths, limiting beliefs, defensive routines and restrictive behaviour patterns, to understand how these interact to support or undermine achievement of their goals and aspirations.


Coach/Consultant Experience


Sheryl has worked in public, private and NFP corporations across a wide range of industries, at both the broad strategic and local level and relates well to people at all levels.    She has experience in consulting, specialist (culture change/HR) and senior line management roles and and appreciates the complex demands and challenges facing leaders making change, equipping her well to engage others in:


  •     Organisational culture diagnostic work and facilitating the planning and management of subsequent transformational change processes, culture shaping and leadership alignment ATO, ABS, BMA,
  •     Facilitating major organisational visioning, strategic planning and restructuring processes ATO, ABS, BMA, IO


  •    Developing team based cultures and leadership capability involving individual and team coaching, and high impact Executive Leadership and Talent Development Programs ATO, ABS, NTGovt, BMA, Westpak, NiW.


  •    Executive and leadership team coaching, facilitating the surfacing, exploration, challenging and shifting of deeply entrenched belief systems and behaviour patterns that undermine effective interaction TUSC, RIO, BMA, QR, IO    


  •   Participative workplace design and Process improvement ATO, ABS, BHP, Salvation army


Professional Associations and Qualifications


Accredited C-IQ coach

Fellow of Australian Institute of Management

Member Australian Psychological Society

Member International Coaches Federation

Member international Society for Coaching Psychologists

Member Australian Institute of Company Directors

Committee: APS Coaching Psychologists

Member Australian Association of Family Therapists

BA Multi-discipline Major: Psychology

Graduate Diploma : Counselling

Masters Educational Psychology (Mlb un)

Thesis : What Makes “Teams” Effective


Sheryl is constantly upgrading her capability to work effectively with clients.  In support of her work as a C-IQ coach she is also an accredited ontological coach, process facilitator, master trainer, and NLP master practitioner.  She has a well-developed understanding of the neurological basis of learning, the interplay between constructive and reactive/defensive leadership and a strong systemic orientation.  Her work is informed by a comprehensive understanding of Leadership and team development processes and a solid grasp of learning technologies such as Action Inquiry, Subject/Object Interview, MAPs, Global leadership profile, LP, The Leadership Circle, LSI, Leadership impact, Organisation Culture Inventory, Team Manager Index, MBTI & various 360° feedback instruments (eg Benchmarks, the MAO Savoy emotional intelligence instrument).