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Coach Name:Sheree Nicholas

Location:Auckland, New Zealand

Zip Code:1050

Company name:People Factors Limited

Job Title:Executive Coach & Facilitator

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Professional Experience:-Executive Coach



Qualifications and Accreditations:-Bachelor of Commerce - University of Otago

-Certified in Conversational IntelligenceⓇ

-Certified in MBTIⓇ (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)

-Certified in FIRO-BⓇ (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation - Behaviour)


Auckland, New Zealand

Sheree Nicholas

CIQ Certified Coach

Sheree works with individuals, teams and organisations to bring out their strengths and focus on being the best they can be. Her strengths lie in her pragmatic approach and different perspectives she brings, along with an innate curiosity and interest in people.


Her career began as a chartered accountant with PwC, working with clients in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the US. Because of this experience, she brings a strong commercial focus and understanding of business drivers to her work.


Recognising the importance of people as a key business driver then led her to a career in strategic human resources. In the past 20 years, she has worked closely with companies, teams and individuals in New Zealand and globally. Her primary focus has been improving organisational effectiveness through the development and implementation of key people initiatives. This has included leading and facilitating groups in areas such as organisation strategy, vision, values, leadership development, team development and executive coaching.


Her experience working with a wide variety of organisations globally has reinforced for her the impact that getting the people factors right has on the success and performance of an organisation and the people within it.