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Coach Name:Shawna Pelton

Location:Concord, Massachusetts, United States of America

Zip Code:01742

Company name:Shawna Pelton

Job Title:Transformational Leader

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Professional Experience:Shawna Pelton | Founding Creative Director of QuEST (Quantum Energy & Soul Transformation), Certified Conversational Intelligence™ Coach for Personal Transformation and Professional Excellence

Qualifications and Accreditations:My experience, education & background combines nearly 2 decades of passionate study, training and service under many great teachers. From naturopath’s and MD’s to spiritual healers of the mystery schools on hermetic & esoteric universal life principles.

I’ve learned various coaching & healing modalities that informs how I strategize to serve people in their transformation.

Including: herbal & holistic healing, aesthetics, biontology, DNA activation & potentiation, biofield tuning, meditation, energy medicine, emotional mastery, NLP & hypnosis, leadership training, spiritual tools, coaching mastery & the neuroscience of changing reality and building trust through Conversational Intelligence™

I sincerely appreciate having a grounded knowledge and working balance between both the practical side as well as the spiritual nature of my work and believe my clients value this about me as well.

More importantly, I have experience in getting people the results they want and feel that's how I earned my real education which has helped me become a trusted advisor to many.


Concord, Massachusetts, United States of America

Shawna Pelton

CIQ Certified Coach

Its said that information is power, but only when we use it to transform ourselves, relationships or organizations for the greater good with intentional actions that have a positive impact on the world around us.


I’m dedicated to teaching purpose driven people how to create positive personal & professional change for fulfillment in life and make a meaningful impact on the world.


If you’re looking for a proven professional who can mindfully guide you to:


  • put an end to self-doubt, fear or sabotaging habits and maintain a positive mindset with a greater sense of self
  • uphold personal boundaries without losing your power due to stress
  • develop emotional, spiritual, & conversational IntelligenceTM for a calm, clear mind, vision & generativity
  • learn how to trust again after loss, failure, rejection or betrayal
  • master interpersonal skills to handle emotional triggers within a professional organization to avoid disruption and uplevel the company culture.


Then you’ve come to the right place! Shawna has nearly 2 decades of experience in elevating amazing clients who’ve shared similar worries while achieving remarkable results for reducing fear & uncertainty in a world of rapid change.


People who work with me 1on1 or with my Transformational Healing & Conversational Intelligence™ group programs can learn to


  • change old patterns and put an end to sabotaging habits
  • heal core wounds and be free from self imposed limitations
  • empowered to uphold personal boundaries
  • navigate the emotional terrain of grief and live with a positive mindset
  • build trust after loss, betrayal, disappointments
  • develop greater interpersonal skills and engagement within a professional organization




We’re living in a microwave mindset society, where people are quick to judge or react to challenges irrationally, making impulsive decisions that come with a high cost to self-esteem, personal or professional relationships as a result of living distracted without direction, purpose or focus.


When we give into our fear based motivations to be liked, avoid pain, stay safe & comfortable, gain power over others, we lose sight of what’s really important; our need for authentic growth and meaningful connection. Only to end up repeating sabotaging patterns that keep us stuck in an old outdated paradigm.


What is it that makes people act this way?


The former Surgeon General Murthy suggests that “The world is suffering from an epidemic of loneliness,” and the latest neuroscience teaches us that isolation & social rejection activates fear networks in the brain. Feeling rejection causes great emotional and physical pain due to an increase in stress hormones, which moves us into protective behaviors (the fight, flight, freeze or appease response.)


When pain goes unresolved, people tend to distrust others and protect themselves from making deep, heartfelt connections. Even though there has never been a greater opportunity for personal development and social connections, somehow, we are missing the mark.


It’s my belief that we can learn to heal the inner wounds our painful past (personal or professional) and learn new skills to gain self-mastery. Doing so enables us to move out of our protective behaviors and feel more accepting of self and others.


This is what leads to a more authentic, fulfilling life and engagement within professional organizations.


With positive focus on partnering, not protecting, we are elevated by our conversations and can build meaningful relationships; reducing fear and uncertainty in a world of rapid change.