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Coach Name:Sandra Baron

Location:Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany

Zip Code:10435

Company name:BCC - Baron Coaching & Consulting

Job Title:Founder of BCC

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Professional Experience:From 1999 to 2009 – Worked as a mobile internet consultant as well as the Director of Business Development B2B for several international companies.

Responsibilities included project management, leading teams towards specific goals, market entry strategies, national and international business development and staff training.

As an executive coach and facilitator, Sandra has specialized in transforming corporate cultures and creating values-driven organizations.

Her focus is authentic, value-driven leadership at the executive level, team coaching, small and large group events on evolving the corporate culture and increasing employer engagement.

She understands the intercultural differences, communication issues of global players and their challenges in how to cope with constant reorganization and economic pressure.

Sandra has more than 1000 hours of coaching practice and has supported over 70 companies in their individual transformational change processes.

Qualifications and Accreditations:From 2004-2007 – Training as certified coach (DVNLP)

From 2008 – Established BCC-Baron Coaching & Consulting

From 2009 - Registered Coach at the KCC for the creative industry, Top-Executive Coach at the Academy for Women in leadership positions

From 2010: Ambassador of European Network for Female Entrepreneurship

From 2010: Lead facilitator at HBC where she broadened the scope of her work through facilitating corporate culture changes and corporate value transformations in medium to large- scale companies

From 2014 – Founder of - a social entrepreneurship project to raise awareness about the heart in a unique and playful way

From 2014: Selected as a role model entrepreneur by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

From 2016: Certified Coach in Conversational Intelligence

Languages:Sandra speaks English and German (mother tongue), French (conversational), Dutch and Spanish.

Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany

Sandra Baron

CIQ Certified Coach

Sandra holds a degree in Anthropo-Geography and became interested in the new media and mobile telecommunications industry where she gained a profound knowledge of management skills.


However, her original passion for people, and how they communicate brought her back to her initial path. In 2004 Sandra started a three-year training program to become a certified NLP Practitioner, Master and DVNLP Coach.


Additionally, she participated in classes with Gunter Schmidt: Psychology of Systems and Organizations, Steven Gilligan: Hypnotherapy and Trance and she is a graduate of the School of Byron Katie’s THE WORK. She is Barrett Values certified (CTT combined) and in 2013 successfully completed the Edgewalker Facilitation Training.


Her most recent certification is in Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) where she was coached by the United State’s renowned executive coach Judith Glaser.


In addition, Sandra is truly a networker driven by a desire to support compassionate leadership and encourage people to lead in a meaningful and authentic way.