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Coach Name:Robyn Ramirez

Location:Moses Lake, Washington, USA

Zip Code:98837

Company name:Let’s Talk… Results!

Job Title:Founder/CEO

Website or LinkedIn

Professional Experience:Executive, Leadership, Team & Business Development Coach 2012 – pres.

Speaking; Workshops; Team & Executive Retreats

Founder/Owner Let’s Talk…Results!, LLC

Qualifications and Accreditations:Dental Speaker Institute

Bale-Doneen Preceptorship

C-IQ® Certified Coach

Certified at The Forté Institute

The Trusted Coach Advisor Program, by Gramercy Consulting

The Coach Masters Toolkit Enhanced Program


Moses Lake, Washington, USA

Robyn Ramirez

CIQ Certified Coach

Robyn is a business development consultant, coach, facilitator and speaker. She is the founder and CPO of Let’s Talk Results, a communication, leadership, and organization coaching company that specializes in Conversational Intelligence® and Interaction Dynamics.


Robyn founded LTR after working for nearly a decade as a Business Development Consultant across the nation and internationally, Robyn found she has natural gifts and a big passion for coaching her clients in leadership, communication and team dynamics. Robyn is passionate about strengthening Conversational Intelligence® to help others overcome limiting beliefs, break cycles of negativity, and interact in more constructive, productive ways. She provides solid strategies to help manage stress and turn frustration into positive action, career success and personal well-being.


Committed to life-long learning, Robyn has countless hours of continuing education credits under her belt, including completing the prestigious BaleDoneen Preceptorship. In 2018, Robyn earned the title of Conversational Intelligence® Certified Coach after an intense, year long immersion training program. She was personally mentored by Judith E. Glaser, the CEO of Benchmark Communications and author of the bestselling book, “Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results.”


Many describe Robyn as authentic, humorous, compassionate and effective. In fact, one client put it this way, “She was able to create ways that we could communicate with each other that was positive, that was engaging, and that was very, very effective. “ (Allison LaCoursiere, Bermuda)


Robyn’s specialized C-IQ based format will take your team beyond the normal team building basics and will empower them with interaction and communication skills that will carry them far past the initial blast of motivation to an enduring, energized effort toward an inspired shared vision.