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Coach Name:Phillipa Wilson

Location:Plantation, Florida, United States of America

Zip Code:33322

Company name:Live-Well Now LLC

Job Title:Wellness & Leadership Coach

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Professional Experience:Wellness Coach,
Leadership Coach

Qualifications and Accreditations:Certified Coach - Coach Training Alliance-ICF Accreditation

Licensed Speciality - Certified New Life Story Wellness Coach accredited by the National, Consortium of Credentialing Health & Wellness Coaches

Certified social+Emotional Intelligence Coach - The Institute of Social +Emotional, Intelligence - ICF accredited


Plantation, Florida, United States of America

Phillipa Wilson

CIQ Certified Coach

When I was a child I knew that one day I would be a nurse. After graduating from high school, I pursued my career in nursing in the UK and over the past four decades gained extensive clinical and leadership experience in a variety of areas. I worked overseas, in the Caribbean and in the US and the last fifteen years were spent working in Behavioral/Mental Health.


I recognized and experienced firsthand the frustration, stress and complex challenges faced by employees struggling to complete the job on time. I began mentoring and coaching individuals by helping to develop their professional skills while promoting wellbeing. I became very passionate about personal and professional growth and development and began seeking ways to fulfill my new passion.


I followed my passion and began my coaching journey in 2007. I am a certified Coach from Coach Training Alliance,  Credentialed New Life Story® Wellness Coach licensed certified-Specialty from Mentor Path/ Coach Training Alliance developed by David Krueger MD and certified Social+ Emotional Intelligence Coach  from The-Institute of Social + Emotional Intelligence. I earned a Masters and Masters plus Certificates in Metaphysical Studies from the Jhonnie Colemon Theological Seminary.


With my new knowledge and training I helped numerous employees enhance their professional skills, increase confidence to boost productivity and achieve more with less stress.  As a former healthcare professional I listened to countless life, professional and relationship stories and learned valuable lessons about human nature, lifestyles and how the choices we make shape their lives.


As a Wellness coach I recognize how simple choices profoundly affect our wellness. I apply these lessons to work and life and teach others to do the same.


2016 has been the most empowering and exciting year for me. My decision to upgrade my coaching skills led to Conversational Intelligence, a life changing experience for myself and others. I specialize in Conversational Intelligence and I help people integrate the principles in their lives to elevate relationships and live healthy successful lives.


I believe that every individual has the right to live their best life and I am passionate about helping them to do so. I now live my life doing what I love, helping professionals and individuals uncover obstacles that interrupt their progress in life and work to discover new ways to achieve success and live their best life.