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Coach Name:Ondina Gregoric

Location:Sydney, Australia

Zip Code:2060

Company name:Ondina Studio Pty Ltd - trading as Ondina Gregoric

Job Title:Mentor Speaker Coach

Professional Experience:Executive Coach - NLP Trained

Qualifications and Accreditations:Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership - Sydney,

NLP Marin - NLP Practitioner

Languages:English/ Italian

Sydney, Australia

Ondina Gregoric

CIQ Certified Coach

There comes a time in one’s life when the purpose for working changes and I feel that time has come for me. It is the right time for me to give back to business what it gave to me: freedom, joy, opportunities, lessons and challenges, all of which have enriched my life.


As a businesswoman, mentor and coach, I have worked for many years with clients in the Skin Care, Fashion and Mentoring space and the number one reason clients wanted to work with me is to gain more confidence. Confidence comes from clarity and persistence, having the courage and the conviction to hold onto your dream.


It’s the person you become along the way. Having worked since the age of 21 in my own business I know first-hand what it is like to run a business, be a mother, wife and friend. Developing a brand takes time, thought and a lot of hard work.


I started my business life in the Skincare industry and within six years developed the Ondina Brand running three Salons and managing fifteen young employees.


After 18 years in the Skin Care industry I ventured into the fashion world and opened the first appointment only Fashion Studio – my clients were executive women, politicians and women entering their professional and corporate careers.


In 2012 it was a great honour for me to be named the first female Small Business Champion by the Council of Small Business COSBOA.


My transition into the mentoring and coaching came when I moved to Sydney in 2011. I studied with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership in Sydney and continue to study this subject every year.


I spend the majority of my time now, working one on one with my clients, running public workshops and working with business and corporates to create high visibility for their Key people.