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Coach Name:Michelle Violette

Location:Old Orchard Beach, Maine, United States of America

Zip Code:04064

Company name:Michelle Violette, PCC, CLC

Job Title:ICF Professional Certified Coach, Certified Life Coach, C-IQ Certified Coach

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Professional Experience:C-IQ Certified Coach

Certified Life Coach

Mindfulness/Spirituality/Relationship Coach

Practitioner of Energy Healing

Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor, Consultant

Groups, Workshops, Presentations

Director of Marketing & Design




Qualifications and Accreditations:C-IQ Certification

ICF Professional Coach Certification

Professional Life Coach Certification

BFA – Communications Design


Old Orchard Beach, Maine, United States of America

Michelle Violette

CIQ Certified Coach

Michelle is a catalyst for welcomed change, cultural transformer, coach, mentor, facilitator, and innovator. She’s an ICF Professional Certified Coach, Certified Life Coach, Conversational Intelligence® Certified Coach, and Relationship Coach. She’s also a Mindfulness and Spirituality Coach, Practitioner of Energy Healing, and an Empath. As an accomplished Director of Design and Marketing for over 20 years, she most enjoyed mentoring teams, leveraging talent, and organizational architecture.


Her passions and strengths include motivational speaking, workshops and experiential exercises, intra- and interpersonal education and awareness, relationships, mindfulness, creativity, change management, brand evolution, and breaking through the status quo.


Dedicated to helping people enjoy thriving relationships, Michelle describes why she chose to certify in Conversational Intelligence:


“C-IQ is more than a groundbreaking framework, it’s a platform for genuine, compassionate connection and global transformation – it’s a new language with the power to heal sabotaging neurological imprints – imprints with damaging response patterns that distort present reality by coloring experiences with past, unrelated memories. Without emotional and conversational awareness, painful history can repeat itself as the subconscious replaces potential with protection.


When C-IQ is embraced and put into action, its capacity as a healing agent is quickly realized. Change becomes comfortable and welcomed. People are empowered to create trust-filled relationships with care, candidness, and co-creation while enjoying mutual rewards that exceed expectations.”


Well before her training and certification, the principles of C-IQ were already practiced and embodied.


“Even as a child, I was drawn to observe conversations, body language, and energy exchange. In my teens, adults started conversations with me as if the wall around their heart had gently fallen away and they were finally free. I’d hear, with a sense of enlightened shock, how surprising it was to feel so safe to open up to a kid. I had no idea that what they described would be the foundation of my life’s purpose.


My interest in how communication of all forms impacts every relationship has fueled my studies and training about neuroscience, social dynamics, and human potential ever since. As a coach, C-IQ has equipped me to expand the reach of my services and offer engaging, connecting, and healing solutions built on trust and innovation.”


Beyond professional training, her heart, can-do spirit, optimism, and visionary outlook have helped her overcome a history of life-threatening experiences and challenges while paving her own path for personal breakthrough. Those insights have helped her support others as a spiritual coach, mentor, and group facilitator.


Michelle is best known for her:


  • Experiential exercises that engage, connect and heal
  • Judgment-free, empowering, transformative, and fun
    approach as a coach, mentor, and facilitator
  • Perseverance with any challenge while tapping into
    her inventiveness, intuition, and heart
  • Rapid identification of hidden, sabotaging dynamics
  • Ability to connect seemingly unrelated dots and
    uncover patterns behind successes and challenges
  • Compassionate, humble, and genuine nature
  • Trustworthiness, optimism, and sense of humor