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Coach Name:Melanie Smith

Location:Vancouver, Washington

Zip Code:98665

Company name:The Crow’s Nest LLC

Job Title:Certified Coach

Website or LinkedIn

Professional Experience:Individual Coaching

Executive Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Mediation

Advisory Mediation

Corporate Ombudsman Services

Qualifications and Accreditations:Certified Professional Executive Coach

Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach

EQi (Emotional Intelligence) Certified Instructor

Alpha Awareness Graduate

Certified Anger Management Facilitator

Level III Mediation Specialist

Level III Contract Specialist

Professional Project Manager


Vancouver, Washington

Melanie Smith

CIQ Certified Coach

Ms. Smith’s  mission is to help successful people achieve positive long-term change in behavior for themselves, for their circle of influence and for their families.


Ms. Smith understands the foundational role that relationships play in overall happiness and how they influence personal and corporate success. She possesses the knowledge, skills and desire to assist others (utilizing neuroscience, coaching and psychology) in making the invisible visible through short instructional courses and exercises.  Ms. Smith’s programs are designed to identify the patterns that may be inhibiting people from obtaining truly intimate relationships while showcasing and leveraging personal and team strengths. Her instructional focus is to obtain sustainable positive behavioral changes that are easy to implement and highly impactful giving her client’s the ability to thrive in relationships, respond consciously, abate overwhelm, act with confidence & develop resilience as a Zen like superpower.