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Coach Name:Logan Reed

Location:Olympia, Washington, United States of America

Zip Code:98502

Company name:Logan Reed Coaching

Job Title:Owner

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Professional Experience:Executive Coach,

Qualifications and Accreditations:PCC Certified (ICF),
Accomplishment Coaching graduate (2013),


Olympia, Washington, United States of America

Logan Reed

CIQ Certified Coach

In 2009, I found myself at a professional and personal crossroads when my mother passed away.  The call to action was to leave a career that was highly successful while equally unfulfilling; however, the thought of leaving a 15 year career paralyzed me.  


I began working with an executive coach who specialized in transitioning professionals and learned four words that changed my life:  I get to choose.  From this newly empowered place, I made the decision to open my coaching practice and have never looked back.  


Since establishing Logan Reed Coaching in 2011, I have had the pleasure of working with leaders on all aspects of their careers and lives.  My education includes a Masters in Organizational Management, Accomplishment Coaching and Conversational Intelligence certification.  


Formal education, combined with my 15 years in Human Resources, allows me to be equally comfortable in the roles of coach, consultant, trainer and facilitator.   Discovering your unique needs and developing a partnership that is tailored to meet your individual and organizational aspirations ensures that our work together is powerful and impactful to all who participate.


I support leaders as they move into their next promotion, restore dysfunctional teams to highly productive contributors within organizations, help sales teams learn how to reach the next level of success, and helped educators establish their culture and leadership as they opened a new middle school.   


As a member of the Accomplishment Coaching team, I had the privilege to work with members of the United Nations Population Fund as both a trainer and coach.  While the individuals, teams and organizations vary, the excitement of partnering to create new levels of trust, engagement and sustainable success never changes.


My clients report experiencing not only higher levels of success within their organizations, but equal levels of increased personal satisfaction and innovation in their contributions.  Whether developing and delivering workshops, facilitating strategic planning events, providing individual or group coaching — through listening and learning what approaches will generate the biggest impact that I am able to support clients in creating lives (and organizations) that work on all levels.