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Coach Name:Lissa Qualls

Location:Edmond, Oklahoma, United States of America

Zip Code:73012

Company name:Clarity, LLC

Job Title:CEO, Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Facilitator

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Professional Experience:Leaderships Coach

Life Coach

Leadership Development




Spiritual Direction

Qualifications and Accreditations:Associate Certified Coach – ICF

Professional Certified Coach (Candidate) - ICF

C-IQ, Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach, Dr. Judith E. Glaser & WBECS

Certified Life Coach – CoachNet Global

Certified Strengths Coach – Strengths Strategies Inc.

The Narrative Coach Enhanced Practitioner

Enhanced Practitioner Coaching with ROI


Edmond, Oklahoma, United States of America

Lissa Qualls

CIQ Certified Coach

I have been blessed to have a very rich and eclectic life.  I have owned my own coffee shop, done direct sales, served on a variety of non-profit boards, been in the ministry and filled two passports, the second one had double pages.  I have a very unique group of skills and experiences which I can bring to the coaching agreement.


For over twenty years, I served as a missionary with Youth For Christ.  During that time, I was an Executive Director of a local program, National Teen Parents Director for YFC USA, Americas Area Training Director, International Training team member and Caribbean Regional Director.  In these leadership roles I have trained staff, National Directors and National Boards of Directors throughout the world.  I have also worked with CEOs, managers, leadership teams and entire companies each time helping them to better understand how they show up and how to communicate with each other. I have coached people globally and trained coaches from several nations around the world.


I am passionate about helping people find their voice and to be able to be in conversations that are truly conversations and not two monologues going on simultaneously.  There were many times during my life when I was the only woman, the only American and the only person with my complexion in the room.  I learned early on how to communicate in such a way that my voice could be heard.  I knew if they couldn’t hear my voice, they couldn’t hear my message and I had no influence.  I want everyone to find their voice and to be heard.


As I work with leaders from both for profit and non-profit worlds, I see how important connecting with the people around us.  We live in a world where AI can do so many things that used to be done by humans but are now outsourced.  Companies are looking for the “human” factor, yet we have in many ways we have lost our humanity.  Being able to sit with a person and connect with them through understanding the lens through which they see the world and being able to have deep conversation is a gift upon which we must all improve. Coaching is one of the ways we can reconnect with our humanity and others.