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Coach Name:Linda Grace Farley

Location:Arlington, New York, United States of America

Zip Code:12603

Company name:Cycles of Life Coaching Services

Job Title:Proprietor

Professional Experience:Mentor

Keynote Speaker

Arlington, New York, United States of America

Linda Grace Farley

CIQ Certified Coach

Linda Grace Farley’s approach to Coaching possesses a holistic flair. She has incorporated her training and certification in Energy Medicine, Human Design, Shamanism, End of Life Doula with Conversational Intelligence to assist her clients from a Mind/Body/Spirit perspective.


Her focus is to assist her clients in improving their overall quality of life by introducing them to the tools to provide an alternative perspective of looking at life. A true advocate in all aspects of improving communications, she has also acquired certifications in Conversational Intelligence as well as Advanced Communications & Advanced Leadership through Toastmasters International organization.


She has facilitated Transformational Communication workshops as well as created and conducted workshops in Improving Communication Skills using Conversational Intelligence within IBM Corporation. Outside her practice, Linda Grace volunteers her time and expertise working with nonprofits, schools and prisons by providing workshops in improving communication and leadership skills as well as creating and conducting leadership workshops for District areas and clubs for Toastmasters International


Her business, Cycles of Life Management Services, focuses on assisting others through coaching and healing modalities. Linda Grace is available for workshops, lecturers and individual coaching.