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Coach Name:Leslie Hamilton

Location:Auckland, New Zealand

Zip Code:1010

Company name:FutureScape

Job Title:Principal

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Professional Experience:- Executive Coach

- Leadership Coach

- Group Coach

- Facilitator

- Consultant

- Instructional Designer

Qualifications and Accreditations:Education:
- Master of Business (Marketing/Management), University of Wisconsin, USA

- Master of Education (Learning and Behaviour Special Need), University of Illinois, USA

- Bachelor of Art (Psychology/Education), Lake Forest College, Illinois, USA

- Conversation IQ

- TetraMap Facilitator

- Team Management Systems Assessment Facilitator

- ROI Institute Affiliate

- CoachU Graduate

- Continuous Process Improvement Facilitator

- NLP Master Practitioner

- Principle-Centered Leadership
- Meeting Management
- Change Process


Auckland, New Zealand

Leslie Hamilton

CIQ Certified Coach

BA (Psych), MEd (Special Ed), MBA (Marketing)


Mission and Method
Leslie’s mission is to support people to create the organisations they aspire to lead. She partners with leaders to co-create cultures that foster relationships and results so a ‘bad day at work is better than a good day at the beach’.


By combining her knowledge of human drive and behaviour with her training in process improvement and 20+ years of coaching and facilitating, Leslie develops transformational experiences that motivate employees to support the values and purpose of the organisation because they feel they belong and want to make a difference.


Clients consistently report that working with Leslie enables them to:

  • Be inspired
  • Develop confidence
  • Communicate courageously
  • Reduce conflict
  • Manage diversity
  • Breakdown silos
  • Achieve strategic results
  • Collaboratively build solutions
  • Create an innovative future


When working with Leslie, clients are often surprised at how:

  • Quickly they feel comfortable being open and authentic
  • Practical and simple the solutions are that they co-create
  • Motivated and inspired they feel


Opportunities and Outcomes
Improving Customer Satisfaction and Employee Engagement

  • Role: As the coach in a culture change programme, Leslie coached employees from the CEO to the front-line service providers (100+employees) to successfully enhance relationships, find new motivation, and take on new challenges in order to create a ‘one-team’ culture.
  • Results: This initiative contributed to both staff engagement and customer satisfaction increasing by 50%.


Supporting and Measuring Business Results through Co-creating and Delivering Leadership Development Initiatives

  • Role: As an external co-creator and facilitator, Leslie partners with the Organisation Development Manager and a colleague to co-create and implement a leadership effectiveness programme for service providers with documented ROI.
  • Results: The number of participants scoring over the 90th percentile in leadership skills doubled in 3 years and the number of leaders scoring below the 10th percentile decreased by 66%. See chapter 7 in


Effectively developing senior leadership potential

  • Role: Working with a senior leadership team using a multi-faceted approach, Leslie provided 360 assessment debriefs, professional development action planning, group coaching and individual coaching to augment a leader/manager skills training program.
  • Results: The leaders significantly improved their performance on five leadership behaviours with increases ranging from 22 – 42% as assessed by the direct reports.


Creating long-term successful ‘trusted partner’ relationship with clients

  • Role: As a coach, co-creator and facilitator, Leslie has built
    outstanding client relationships based on mutual respect, flexibility,honesty and quality customer service.
  • Results: Many of her clients have worked with her for 3 – 10 years. Her contribution to clients, in addition to their satisfaction and success, includes introducing innovative processes and practices, co-authoring articles and a book chapter and reporting results at professional meetings.


Achieving milestones and being passionate about change

  • Role: Leslie and her partner immigrated to New Zealand specifically to create a significant change in their lives and provide their children with the opportunity to learn to be resilient and flexible.
  •  Results: After 20+ years, they have achieved many milestones, the most fulfilling of which are having delightful, adaptable and loving adult children and living a lifestyle that aligns with their values and purpose.