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Coach Name:Karin Ulfhielm

Location:Stockholm, Sweden

Zip Code:17560

Company name:Vargkask AB

Job Title:Coach & Consultant, Change agent

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Professional Experience:Executive coach


Languages:Swedish - mother tongue, English - fluently

Stockholm, Sweden

Karin Ulfhielm

CIQ Certified Coach

For over 20 years, Karin has helped individuals and organizations in continuing development by supporting and challenging leaders and co-workers in all kinds of companies. She has been the guide on the journey of self-discovery for teams and individuals enabling authenticity.


The core of achieving results is creating an environment built on trust. Karin is an extremely curious person with a huge interest in people, behavior and group dynamics. With a glimpse of humor and an ability to see things from several different angles, she helps build foundations for both learning, discovery and co-creation.


Karin has a BSc in HRD and over 20 years of experience, but still gets excited over meeting new people, finding out what their desires are, how they observe the world, what their driving forces are – what makes them tic, and what they want to achieve.


This allowing genuine commitment to change, which Karin brings into the partnership of coaching, consulting and training. She sees life being filled with meetings, and how she have been fairly good at making these meetings become a positive experience for everyone involved. With a Certification in C-IQ, she now can see how her positive impact can become even higher.