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Coach Name:Karin Ovari

Location:Newburgh, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, United Kingdom

Zip Code:AB41 6BN

Company name:Karin Ovari Ltd

Job Title:Coach, Facilitator, Speaker ~ The Supervisors’ Coach

Website or,,

Professional Experience:Professional Coach specialising in Operational Leadership

Behavioural Safety Leadership

Conversational Intelligence

Qualifications and Accreditations:Associate Coach MEMBER (undergoing portfolio of evidence for Professional Executive Coach Qualification)

C-IQ Coach (completed December 2016)

Ontological Coach - Ontological Coaching Institute/Newfield Institute

Corporate Executive Coaching - Cape Town University

Professional Mediator - Member Scottish Mediation Network,

Plus Accredited in:

C-IQ Conversational Intelligence Enhanced Tools

EQ-i2.0; EQ360 - Emotional Intelligence

DiSC Self and Team Profiling

ICI (Inter-cultural Intelligence) Coach & Facilitator

Safety Culture Assessments (ICSI Model)

Behavioural Safety Leadership Coach & Facilitator

Situational Leadership Facilitation

Belbin Teams; Kraybill Conflict Resolution; World Cafe


Newburgh, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, United Kingdom

Karin Ovari

CIQ Certified Coach

Karin Ovari, is someone who celebrates what life has to offer, takes calculated risks, generates ideas and has always been a pioneer: in her coaching, in the breadth of industries she has been lucky enough to work in and general outlook on life.


With 20+ years’ experience as a leader herself, in both large and small organisations and across a multitude of disciplines; from co-leading expeditions in Antarctica, working offshore on oil rigs, training in the corporate IT world and, even, once upon a time – nursing.  And, having lived on 5 continents including Australia (origins), Hong Kong (in the heydays), South America (on a yacht), South Africa (personal growth) and now the Highlands of Scotland (new beginnings), she come to you with a broad and deep understanding of people, behaviours and communication styles.


In a nutshell

  • Lived on 5 continents and visited all 7
  • 12+ years coaching in high hazard industry
  • 20+ years in leadership and supervisory roles
  • 25+ years of amateur and professional yacht racing, including Antarctica expeditions


During the last 12 years Karin, has facilitated and coached personal and organisational leadership with a goal to improve overall performance, communication and safety leadership, through coaching, mentoring and the implementation of safety management systems, behaviours and cultures.


Karin has supported drilling campaigns for Oil & Gas Majors such as Exxon Mobil, Total, Shell, BP, KCAD, Weatherford and Transocean, Ocean Rig, ENI Saipem, Pride/ENSCO and Diamond Offshore Rigs including support vessels, spanning the regions of West Africa, Europe and Australasia.


With a strong focus on coaching teams, worksite communication, coaching individuals, supporting leaders. Her experience with various safety systems, people management and behaviour based coaching has led to the improved operational safety performance, including the facilitation and use of safety tools and process across many of her projects including 100% improvement to the adherence to safety tools, process and systems.


Experience includes the implementation of Observation and Hazard Identification systems, working closely with the safety teams to ensure better communications with crews, improved safety behaviour across the entire crew(s), supporting and mentoring supervisor leadership, ensuring safety and management expectations including the implementation of bridging documents are met between client and drilling contractors. Many other incentives were produced to assist with the implementation of all projects.


Today Karin brings her years of experience, knowledge and skills to individuals, teams and organisations, helping them to become LeaderFit through conversations that matter.


The bottom line – everything we do, the success that we have or not, is related to the conversations we engage in. The success of a conversation is directly related to the inner condition (our way of being) of the intervenor regardless of one’s role or status in life. As an Ontological Coach Karin has a holistic approach to coaching and coaches to the humanity in us all.