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Coach Name:Karen Bart-Alexander

Location:St. James, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Zip Code:180710

Company name:KBAConsultants TT - International

Job Title:Director/Owner

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Professional Experience:Consultant,

Qualifications and Accreditations:MSc.Natural Resource Management,
Bsc. Sociology,
Conversational Intelligence Enhanced Skills Coach,
Certified C-IQ Coach


St. James, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Karen Bart-Alexander

CIQ Certified Coach

Karen Bart- Alexander’s career as a C-IQ Coach is supported by a distinguished career in development work as follows:


Efficiently and effectively functioned in high level managerial positions at NGO, government and international agencies such as:


  • Human resource management functions at the Industrial Development Corporation and the Agricultural Development Bank


  • Managed the Communications Unit as Advisor to the Attorney General


  • Co-managed  the Institutional Strengthening Programme of the  Gender Affairs Ministry funded by the IADB


  • Managed the Community Tourism and Public Awareness Programme  of the Tourism and Industrial Development Corporation funded by the IADB


  • Established and managed the Women’s Resource and Research Centre funded by CIDA


  • Provided consulting services to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities on the CARILED project funded by CIDA and to other UN agencies such as UNDP, UNESCO, UNFPA


  • Implemented the gender programme of UNECLAC


  • Provides consulting services to the prisoner rehabilitation programme of Vision on Mission


  • Trained in monitoring and evaluation techniques, conversational intelligence and advocacy


  • Provides efficient project evaluation services for corporate clients


  • Participates in the conceptualization, implementation and evaluation of many programmes relating to women, persons with disabilities, youth, prisoners, community development, gender, tourism


  • Served on the Boards of several NGOs


  • Participates in a wide range of training, research and project implementation


  • Excellent report writing skills.


 Development Experience:

  • Built a career in development agencies including; Industrial Development Corporation, Agricultural Development Ban, Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs, Tourism and Industrial Development Co. and Office of the Attorney General


  • Non government organizations


  • Identifies and analyzes development issues


  • Participates in the design, management and facilitation of institutional strengthening and capacity assessment


  • Designs programmes and projects


  • Develops  proposals


  • Accesses and manages funding


  • Manages implementation of projects funded by international agencies.


  • Conducts qualitative and quantitative research on development issues


  • Prepares and presents papers.


  • Prepares evaluation reports.


  • Designs evaluation methodologies. 



  • Designed  a model for national social transformation.


  • Participated  in the management of institutional strengthening programs


  • Compiled a methodology for Constituency Governance


  • Designed and  co-ordinated  national consultations on Social Development , Social Mitigation Planning, Education and Forestry


  • Designed and facilitated training and training evaluations


  • Produced workshop evaluation reports


  • Conducted Values Assessment


  • Co-ordinated conferences, local, regional and international


  • Developed policy and procedure manuals


  • Formulated Toolkit on Gender Responsive Budgeting


  • Facilitated the production of Strategic and Operational Plans


  • Designed public awareness campaigns


  • Designed Development Programs and Plans of Action.


  • Founded, managed and provided consulting services to NGOs


  • Designed and conducted research on Disability, Youth, Women, Violence and other issues


  • Produced research reports and publications


  • Conducted training on Building Resilient Communities for the CDF, the POS East Dev. Co and the Ministry of Social Development


  • Designed and conducted community mobilization and participatory processes.


  • Designed and implemented a model for Community Tourism


  • Development of Local Area Economic Profiles


  • Gender Mainstreaming


  • Life Skills Facilitator for youth and adults


  • Co-hosting radio talk-shows


  • Attained several awards