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Coach Name:Joe Holloway

Location:Fresno, California, United States of America

Zip Code:93710

Company name:Envisage LLC

Job Title:Senior Associate

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Professional Experience:- Goodwill Industries Greater East Bay, Oakland CA

- Gilton Solid Waste Management, Oakdale CA

- cCare - California Cancer Associates for Research & Excellence, Fresno and San Diego CA

- Price Paige & Company Accountants, Clovis CA

- DeMera DeMera Cameron LLP Certified Public Accountants, Fresno CA

Qualifications and Accreditations:- Certified C-IQ Coach

- Certified StrengthsFinder Executive Coach

- Certified MCORE Coach

- Licensed VIA Character Strengths Coach

- Licensed Paterson LifePlan Facilitator

- California POST Level One Police Officer, retired


Fresno, California, United States of America

Joe Holloway

CIQ Certified Coach

As a professional Joe has always had a focus on personal development and communication. His undergraduate studies were in Religion and Sociology. His Masters Degree work is in Marital and Family Therapy.


From pastoring to police work to professional coaching, pursuing growth and leadership development has been a natural part of his roles. Thus, finding him being chosen for top leadership positions even in auxiliary interests, was routine. Eventually, this led to him centering upon mentoring, training, consulting, and organizational development.


Coaching through an evidence-based process, Joe utilizes a focus on the power of neuroscience, individual development, and personal strategic planning to strengthen all relationships. Joe thrives on working together with individuals and teams to reach their maximum potential while strengthening personal interactions.


Each task has personal impact, and when the intentions are right, it transforms the worlds of home, work, and community. By facilitating leadership and team training/interaction for a more engaged working relationship, his work produces effectiveness and success through CliftonStrengths and Conversational Intelligence: C-IQ.


Other assessments and options for growth include MCORE – derived from SIMA® (System for Identifying Motivated Abilities), VIA Character Strengths, and the Paterson LifePlan Process.