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Coach Name:Jody Kennett

Location:Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Zip Code:V7G2S5

Company name:Elevare

Job Title:Leadership Coach and C-IQ Facilitator

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Professional Experience:-Executive Coach

-Leadership Coach

-Business Coach

Qualifications and Accreditations:-C-IQ Certified Coach

-GAIA Women’s Leadership Coach

-SFU Bachelor of Education Program

-ACE Medical Exercise Specialist

-ACI Confidence Coach

-Heart Math Facilitator


Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Jody Kennett

CIQ Certified Coach

Jody is a C-IQ Certified Coach who facilitates elevating communication, trust, and culture for leaders and teams. She is bringing C-IQ to technology companies, health care, education, and businesses in growth, change or conflict. With her unique specialization in Women’s Leadership she is leading and incorporating C-IQ into company discussions on diversity, inclusion, and gender equality.


In addition she empowers and elevates new and emerging leaders with strong communication skills for trust and collaboration. One of her missions outside of corporate is to bring C-IQ to families improving the most important relationships we have.


Jody is a business development coach who has launched and grown hundreds of businesses. With her extensive experience advising entrepreneurs, she has a great understanding of the importance of communication to your customers, network, and team in building your business.


One of the reasons Jody was drawn to C-IQ and neuroscience is her previous studies and career were in Kinesiology, the science of the human body. She brings this training forward today to leaders and teams with Peak Energy Performance coaching which is holistic and energizing.


Jody is an excellent coach with over 20 years experience and is a dynamic facilitator that engages people to perform at their peak potential individually, in partnerships, and as a team. She is the founder of Elevare, where their mission is to elevate leaders, communication, and business.