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Coach Name:Jim Johnson

Location:Houston, Texas, United States of America

Zip Code:77008

Company name:Jim Johnson & Assoc. Performance Consulting

Job Title:Founder

Website or LinkedIn

Qualifications and Accreditations:BS - Industrial Distribution (Supply Chain) - Texas A&M University - 1992

MBA - Master of Business Administration - Texas A&M University - Class of 2001 w/ Honors

Sandler Sales Master Bootcamp (and coached Sales Teams since 2003)

Enhanced Conversational Intelligence Certification - 2016

CEO - IPS (Oil and Gas Company) 2012-2015 (Chairman 2015 - Present)

Languages:English and Spanish (reading)

Houston, Texas, United States of America

Jim Johnson

CIQ Certified Coach

Jim Johnson dedicated to his clients achieving breakthrough performance in their Profits, and their People.  His experience in business and coaching confirms that stellar performance is a teachable, trainable and repeatable skill that any group can learn.


Jim assists his clients in attaining both Fulfillment AND Achievement, for achievement for it’s own sake is an empty vessel.  His work leaves leadership, employees, customers, suppliers, and the community connected in ways that fuel the hearts, minds, and profitability of all.


Jim utilizes the principles and precepts of Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) to bring repeatable and trainable foundation to the client interaction.   Said differently, improved performance becomes the Cultural DNA of the organization.


Jim’s  “WHY” is rooted in his over two decades experience participating, mentoring, and leading both sales and operations teams across Hi Tech, General Industry and Oil & Gas.    It was during his time as Regional Manager of a $60M division of a fortune 500 Industrial Supply Company that he first came upon the idea of becoming a coach.   


Utilizing the indirect mentoring of Dennis Bakke (former Chairman of AES), his formal business training from Texas A&M University’s Mayes MBA Program, and the tenets of C-IQ as he understood them at the time, his team doubled top line sales, massively increased gross profit, and more than quintupled the net profit of his division.   


While the financial results were astounding, (considering this occurred in the great recession of 2009 – 2012), what excited him most was the way his team worked together.  They’d unlocked the secret of team success through the power of their conversations, which powered the way they related to one another, which powered their culture, which powered their success.  


His team experienced 100% retention of top talent, stellar safety record, historically low sick days, and healthier work force.  They had become healthy, wealthy and wise – TOGETHER.


As his Sales and Operations team for the South half of Texas went from “worst to first” in the country, many said he should be teaching others how to replicate this in their companies.  And so the journey began.  


Jim is a professional speaker and welcomes any opportunity to share the good news of what this work makes possible in business and in life.


Lastly, Jim is an amateur athlete having completed various marathons, obstacle events.  Recently, Jim completed his first ultra endurance race; the Leadville 100 Mountain bike (MTB) race in Leadville Colorado – a 104 mile Mountain bike race crossing 5 mountains.


The race starts at over 10,000 feet of elevation and goes up from there.   Jim’s youngest daughter says she wants to do it with him.  Training has begun for 2017 – TOGETHER!


Jim is the father of two amazing daughters that have his whole heart and are everything to him. “ I do all my work for Abbey and Sarah and the world they will inherit someday.  This is my real “WHY””