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Coach Name:Jeanne Schulze

Location:Victoria, Minnesota, United States of America

Zip Code:55386

Company name:Jeanne Schulze and Associates, LLC

Job Title:Company President

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Professional Experience:Organization Development Consultant
Executive, Team and Leadership Coach
Talent Architecture Design and Succession Management

Qualifications and Accreditations:MA, Business and Marketing Education

BS Music Education, K-12

Conversational Intelligence Certified Coach

Korn Ferry/Lominger Associate

Advanced Certifications in Gestalt Organizational Consulting and Executive Coaching

Languages:English and some Spanish.

Victoria, Minnesota, United States of America

Jeanne Schulze

CIQ Certified Coach

Jeanne Schulze has been in the field of human and community development for over 35 years.  As president of her own Organization Development Consulting and Executive Coaching firm, Jeanne works across a wide spectrum of global business and public service organizations.  Her expertise lies in organization, leadership and team consulting where managing change is critical to organizational performance and customer delight.  


The basis of Jeanne’s consulting practice is built on a solid foundation in the fields of education, community economic development in developing countries and new business start-ups.  Since completing her Master of Arts in Business and Marketing Education (1986) with an emphasis in Organization Development, she has brought innovative thinking and the ability to challenge the status quo to organizations that call on her for help.  Advanced certifications in Gestalt Systems Design, Executive Coaching, Psychometric Assessments and Conversational Intelligence continue to inform her ability to help clients move from today into tomorrow via high engagement of the entire organization.  


In her work, Jeanne has embraced and applied Judith Glaser’s Conversational Intelligence principles and tools, enabling her clients to deeply engage with their stakeholders through trust and transparency.  She consistently engages not only the top leaders but all members of the organization to put forth their best talents for the highest good.  Whether working globally with a high tech organization or locally with the public service community, the ability to claim a new vision and find ways to achieve it are hallmarks of her work.


In the VUCA world of tumultuous change and scarce resources, the call to get the whole team to work effectively, efficiently and with passion is often the cause of success or failure.  It is also the very thing that she has been doing since her earliest experiences in the field of education, in fact, since she was a child.  Achieving the bottom line is to organizations like air is to all living beings.  But the ability to reach beyond the minimum to achieving excellence, whether in business or the public sector, is what makes a true difference in the world.
Jeanne believes that Conversational Intelligence is not just another organizational trend, but truly the tool for building the next generation of leaders, teams and our global communities.