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Coach Name:Jaung Ah Lee

Location:Seoul, Korea

Zip Code:08725

Company name:Africa Capacity Building Community

Job Title:Founder

Website or LinkedIn

Professional Experience:Executive Coach

Team Coach

Qualifications and Accreditations:ACC


Languages:English/ Korean

Seoul, Korea

Jaung Ah Lee

CIQ Certified Coach

Jaung Ah Lee is the founder of Africa Capacity Building Community. Through ACBC Coaching Scholarship Program she has been providing $ 25,000 and more of coaching annually since 2017 to African communities for individual or organizational growth and development. She believes that capacity building of an individual will bring growth of a society and development of a nation. Her coaching engagement focus has been on the development of individuals/teams from underdeveloped and developing countries.


She is a Conversational Intelligence® Certified Coach. She has served as an official facilitator for the global facilitators team of Conversational Intelligence® Certificate Program in 2019. She has been serving on the leadership team of WBECS Social Impact Coaching Community since 2016. She is an ACC credentialed coach from International Coach Federation.


She speaks Korean, English and Spanish fluently, and speaks Ashanti Twi at a beginner’s level. She has lived and visited 41 countries. Capacity building through coaching, spiritual growth and working closely with African communities are the compass points that direct her life.