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Coach Name:Jane Weddle

Location:Lincoln, Nebraska, United States of America

Zip Code:68502

Company name:Jane Weddle Coaching

Job Title:CEO & Founder

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Professional Experience:A results-based coach helping those who aspire to play a bigger, better, newer game be it professionally or personally with results on your terms - Business-Life-Career.

Qualifications and Accreditations:- M.A. in Organizational Development

- B.S. in Social Work Minor Psychology/Sociology

- Certified Professional Coach from B/Coach– COACH2 Integral Program.

- Certified C-IQ® Coach

- Certified Group Coach

- Certified Decision Focus®

- Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst

-Over 25 years of helping others through coaching


Lincoln, Nebraska, United States of America

Jane Weddle

CIQ Certified Coach

Coaching is a relationship, a series of conversations where together we explore your areas of need, concern, and growth.


I am a results-based coach with a desire to make a difference for you on this journey we take together. Coaching is about shifts in mindset, navigation of detours, a transformation of challenges into rewarding results on your terms! I will ask insightful and challenging questions, offer observations and insight and then help you come up with outcomes, actions and changes that you desire.


In addition to my coach specialization, I have years of experience in human performance technology, organization development and teams.   I have spent time working internally and externally in industries ranging from the government to global manufacturing. You’re getting a coach; however, you are getting much more!  I am an avid learning and seek one-on-one mentoring and coaching from partner Executive Coaches in the fields of Organization Development, Human Capital Management, Business Finance and Operational Excellence.


Conversational Intelligence was recently named as one of the 5 Biggest Business Trends to gain competitive advantage in 2016 by  I have offered C-IQ through anchoring it to individual and group coaching offerings.  My clients have reported professional and personal shifts as a result of C-IQ.    I have over my career coached:


  • Executives
  • Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Teams
  • Managers
  • Performance Driven Individuals
  • Groups


I offer face-to-face coaching and virtual coaching options. When time, flexibility, and distance are an issue the virtual approach works really well for my players. I’m committed to finding what works for you.


My coaching offerings are 100% customized to meet individual and/or organizational needs and goals. I always start with a complimentary discovery session, the number one way to know if this experience is right for you.


My clients receive access to CoachAccountable’s online coaching support platform to foster communication, growth, results and accountability! CoachAccountable is your one-stop shop for session notes, worksheets, journal entries, files, self-directed courses, conversations, and appointments. The most powerful part of this tool is that it tracks actionable items and metrics you commit too– then reminds you via text or email when they are due.


Coaching others is my passion. For fun and well being I enjoy walking my golden retriever Layla, golfing, playing with my cat Sammie, NCAA College Basketball and relearning the piano.  The love of my life is my husband and friend Bill.