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Coach Name:James C. Bell

Location:King George, Virginia, United States of America

Zip Code:22485

Company name:J C Associates (Atmosfera)

Job Title:Coach, Consultant, Trainer

Website or,

Professional Experience:Executive Coach

Master trainer

John Maxwell Certified Coach


Trainer and Speaker

Everything Disc Partner with Wiley Publishing

International Coaching Association Member

Qualifications and Accreditations:Certified Conversational intelligent coach

John Maxwell Team Certified Coach


Trainer and Speaker

US Army Reserve Master Trainer


King George, Virginia, United States of America

James C. Bell

CIQ Certified Coach

I am a Coach,Consultant and Business owner who has faced many questions dealing with organizations and how to create a conducive workplace atmosphere that maximizes the quality of work life.How do you build cohesiveness and team play in the office while also maintaining productivity? Is it all about positive thinking or is there much more?


I have over 26 years of working various organizational opportunities,including coaching,and speaking. My theme is purpose,people and process with emphasis on being intentional.I connect with my audiences at an intimate and individual level.


I am a certified Conversational Intelligence Coach.I am also am a certified John Maxwell coach,teacher,trainer and speaker specializing in personal development and youth leadership development by doing  Youth max workshops, designed to give today’s  youth practical tools and ideas to help them with life choices.


Also I have worked with the Fredericksburg’s John Maxwell Team to host the Annual John Maxwell Live 2 Learn Simulcast  featuring various  leadership experts on leadership. We are teaming with Season Fashion and Jewelry in Uganda to  build Leadership awareness of Conversational Intelligence and work toward empowerment. I have partnered with Wiley Publishing for the distribution and facilitation of DISC and everything DISC assessment tools to build leadership and relationship skills.


I also provided my skills as a master trainer  in the Army Reserve to train other instructors. As a C-IQ Coach, my vision is to help organizations improve  the business atmosphere by identifying the insight into how the brain responds during conversation. Conversation activates trust or distrust which helps to understand and architect conversations  that  create healthy thriving relationships. In our workshop, I expand what is possible by moving  to level 3 Conversation allowing the release of power for true exchange with other human beings as conversational intelligence evolve. Conversational Intelligence can only enhance existing relationships.It resets relationships allowing the team to move from distrust to trust.This allows teams to recognize that everything happens through the quality of our conversations.


We have worked with companies and organizations such as Strong Tower Ministries, AT&T Billing operations, City of Fredericksburg, Cleannet USA, Roadway INC, Fredericksburg Police Department, Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania School Districts and Morgan Distributor to name some.


I  have served as a  member/advisor or volunteer in the following organizations: United Way, Habitat for Humanity, International Association of Coaches, Association for Talent Development, American Society for Quality, Creative Coaching Association, Board Member Fail-Safe ERA – a non profit who vision is change lives and re-build communities.