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Coach Name:Heather Buck

Location:Boulder, Colorado, United States Of America

Zip Code:80026

Company name:InStill Coaching LLC

Job Title:Leadership Coach

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Professional Experience:20+ years experience as a finance professional

6+ years leadership coaching- individuals, groups, and teams

Qualifications and Accreditations:Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Certified Meditation Instructor (C.MI)

Certified Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) Coach

Global Team Coaching Institute- Team Coaching Foundation Certification

Certified BetterUp Conscious Business Coach- based on the work of Fred Kofman

Trained in Theory U- the work of Otto Scharmer, MIT and the Presencing Institute


Boulder, Colorado, United States Of America

Heather Buck

CIQ Certified Coach

Heather is a seasoned coaching professional who works at the intersection of leadership and bringing wholeness and humanity into the workplace. She views coaching as sacred work and offers that “who am I?” and “what am I meant to do in this world?” are the essential questions to be asking ourselves. Beyond that, as members of communities (families, organizations, societies, nations, etc.) there are the questions of “what are the conversations we need to be having?” and “how can we have them?”


At her core, Heather is a developer of people; she uses her creativity to solve human challenges. She is an energetic, emotionally intelligent, and humble leader who partners with professionals to be better leaders of themselves and others- seeing leadership as relationship, and empowering yourself and others to be and do their best. Integrity and authenticity are key aspects to who she is and how she operates. She is the unique combination of both a business minded, rational realist, and a heart and soul centered idealist.


Heather shows up with presence. She connects you to the stillness, vitality and wisdom that already lie within you- to help you move from possibility to actuality. She sees you as your best self and partners with you to develop a plan, practices and accountabilities to reach your full potential.