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Coach Name:Greg Stuart

Location:Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Zip Code:91362

Company name:Harmony Solutions International, LLC

Job Title:President & Chief Business Coach

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Professional Experience:over 79 clients as Executive Coach

Business Coach in Europe, Asia and throughout the US

Qualifications and Accreditations:Conversational Intelligence Charter Certified Coach-2016
RACA Certified Business Coach-2011
Technology of Participation Facilitation techniques - 2005
Conflict Resolution Certification from Loyola Law School-1995
Masters in Public Administration, CA Lutheran University-1996

Certified Public Accountant (eligible)-1983

Bachelors of Science in Business and Accounting, Arizona State U-1980

Languages:English and some Spanish.

Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Greg Stuart

CIQ Certified Coach

As a Conversational Intelligence Certified Coach and a RACA Certified Business Coach, many of my 750 clients in Europe, Asia and North America have achieved unprecedented results.


Since opening our practice in 2009, some of the results I have achieved with my clients include:


1) the President of a major bank division strengthened his team and had their best year ever in 2016;


2) an international tech company developed and executed a global strategic plan and had a record cash position in 2015 as a result;


3) a star performer realized she had no work-life balance and made a few changes that resulted in her meeting her eventual husband and landing her ideal job;


4) a national restaurant chain reduced a year-long process to a few weeks, clearing the way for increased revenue of $50 million a year;


5) a health care business has achieved harmony in its work-force and a fully engaged team in multiple locations;


6) a purchased entity was successfully integrated within the new parent, resulting in record revenue and a fully engaged team;


7) an talented real estate developer has chosen to become a software engineer and is taking steps with me in his career transition.


In addition to my C-IQ and RACA certifications, I use Technology of Participation facilitation methods and I implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).  As a result of my experiences with my clients, I believe every organization and its leadership needs to be aware and master the five elements of LEAPS, which are: L-Leadership; E-Expertise; A-Alignment; P-Peers; S-System.


Leadership required balance and I am intentional in nurturing my family and friendship relationships.  Elaine and I love to travel with (and without) our kids. I completed the Boston Marathon, won my age-group national championship 8-mile ocean swim off Catalina Island and I have completed many other races, including a 50-miler in Napa.  I even coached a Belgian runner to the finish line in a 135 mile race through Death Valley in 120 degree heat (I ran 117 miles with him).


In spite of what I consider to be a couple of successful professional careers, my greatest teachers have been my failures.  I started a business with a partner who suffered a massive heart attack and pulled out, causing us to close up and I lost everything.  I was asked to resign a board position and I later was elected to become the youngest President of the 2nd largest civic organization of its kind in the world. I failed to finish my most recent 50 mile foot race, completing just 35 miles. I have experienced the shame and embarrassment of being fired-more than once.  


My greatest failure was not choosing to become a business coach when it was offered to me upon graduation from college in 1980. I chose the safe route and went to work for Deloitte when my heart was telling me something different.  In 2009, I got back in harmony with my purpose and became a business coach.


My favorite client quote is “I hate you…and I love you.” Ask me about this next time we talk.