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Coach Name:Gail Basaraba

Location:Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Zip Code:T2Z 2X7

Company name:Fast Forward Coaching and Consulting Inc.

Job Title:Director/Owner

Website or LinkedIn

Professional Experience:Mid Level and Executive Coaching,
Team Coaching,
Organizational Effectiveness,
Leadership Design Consulting

Qualifications and Accreditations:Certified coach - ICF

Degree in Psychology

Graduate - Coaches Training Institute (CTI)

Certified - Marshall Goldsmith’s Executive Coaching – Stakeholder program

Certified - Team Coaching International’s Team Diagnostic training

Graduate - C-IQ Certification Program

Certified - Centre for Creative Leadership’s 360

Certified - MBTI tool


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Gail Basaraba

CIQ Certified Coach

Gail Basaraba is the founder of Fast Forward Coaching and Consulting, a company dedicated to helping clients move organizational performance forward. Gail has over twenty years of experience and has provided customized consulting and coaching solutions to a diverse client base including customers such as: Suncor, Shell Canada, ConocoPhillips, Albian Sands, Devon, Enerplus, Strad Energy Services, the City of Calgary, Monsanto, Bayer, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and others.


An area of specialty is coaching — both individuals and teams.  Gail has coached leaders at all levels from Mid level Leaders to CEO’s to help maximize their potential and to adopt and implement strategies to improve individual and organizational effectiveness.


Through one on one coaching sessions she works with leaders to help them:

  • Learn what their strengths are and how to leverage them
  • Become aware of and understand mismatches between their intended goals and the results their leadership is producing
  • Identify and keep conversational stress triggers at bay, which creates conditions for positive exchanges
  • Build trust, which lays the groundwork for increased productivity, smooth collaborations, business stability and ultimately, revenue growth
  • Learn how to create and execute the business strategy
  • Understand what potential derailment factors may prevent them from reaching personal and corporate goals.  Make timely and adaptive shifts to overcome these


Gail has also designed and delivered leading edge leadership programs and even partnered with Duke University on one of these initiatives. These leadership programs were customized to align with the organization’s core values and key management practices.


She has a zest for learning and for bringing best in class training and OE solutions to her clients. In December 2016, Gail earned the prestigious designation of Conversation Intelligence (C-IQ) Certified Coach. C-IQ uses the transformational approach that combines neuroscience and coaching. This science-based methodology elevates leadership capacity and helps improve organizational performance by developing masterful communication skills that focus on accessing those parts of our brain that bring us insights, strategic thinking, trust, integrity and highest level decision making.  


Judith E Glaser, who is one of the top coaches in the world, created the C-IQ framework and has been a forerunner of transforming corporate cultures to get improved business results. Judith identified Gail to be a C-IQ Mentor Coach for the program. C-IQ has been identified as one of the top five business trends for 2017.


Gail uses C-IQ team assessments, tools and methodologies to create a comprehensive profile of the team’s current reality from the inside out. This enables the team to gain powerful insight and awareness of existing team strengths and challenges. Gail will tailor one-on-one coaching, team coaching and workshops as a unique intervention to assist individuals and teams to be able to create their own action plans, optimize their performance and achieve extraordinary, sustainable results.


Gail’s approach is to partner with her clients to deliver innovative solutions that drive business results.