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Coach Name:Ellen Hite

Location:Decatur, Illinois, United States of America

Zip Code:62544


Job Title:Process Consultant, Executive Coach, Life Approach Consultant

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Professional Experience:Process Consultant/Executive Coach

Life Approach Consultant

Insurance Executive

Qualifications and Accreditations:Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership - Greenville College, Greenville, IL

Erickson College International - Vancouver, BC Canada ICF ACSTH Core Competencies of Art & Science of Coaching

Conversational Intelligence®, Certified Coach - Benchmark Communications/Creating WE Institute

Certified Brain-based Success Coach - The Academies, Inc.

Certified Executive & Leadership Development Coach - The Academies, Inc.

Certified Leading From Your Strengths Personality Assessment

Toastmasters, Int’l - Vice-President Public Relations

ICF - International Coaches Federation - Member

IFOC - International Fellowship of Chaplains - Senior Chaplain

Greater Decatur Area Business Chamber - Decatur, IL

Zukunft Group Worldwide - Global Business Consultant


Decatur, Illinois, United States of America

Ellen Hite

CIQ Certified Coach

Leadership/Business Solution Focus – An operating Business Leadership Plan can be demonstrated through three avenues of Investment Capital: The Financial Planning Capital, wherein the bottom line ROI reality shows up financially through profitable possibilities; through Intellectual Insight Capital that combines the leader’s indigenous application of strengths, passions and expertise; and the Relational Connection Capital that encompasses a storyline of resources.


As a professional coach and consultant, I believe the importance of this Relational communicative dynamic will determine the direction of the first two avenues of Investment Capital. The reward of neuroscience coaching/consulting by leveraging these relational components and neurological resources produce greater trust and dimensional creativity for an end-of-story shared initiative. This human capital investment is refreshing and sustainable in its own fostered environment.


The areas of business advancement can be directed toward personal Executive Coaching and/or Process Consulting for group development, depending on the needs of the client. The matrix layers of leadership will address groupthink down-regulation and up-regulation, power-play triggers, relationship building and listening perception.


Both packages will infuse a focus on Conversational Intelligence® leadership research, neuroscience application and talking point materials. Assessments will be available as needed. Expect cultural transformation throughout the 3 month, 6 month or year long committed engagement.


Neuro-tip Knowledge (just for fun)

In .07 seconds our hardwired neurological system can read if another person (within 10 feet of distance) trusts us or distrusts us. Once our system labels someone as distrustful, we believe it and our brain begins to focus on proving we are right.


Additional Advanced Sessions

Management Organization/Internal Roadmap
This team navigation program focuses on what people thrive on, what feedback should look like and how you can reduce threats, fear, conflicts and stress in your organization. Using every resource you have in communication innovation will be useful transformational tools. Topics include Blind Spots, We-Centric Quadrants and Priming for Trust. “Evolutionary coaching is about observing the way you guide others for relational connection.”


Game-Changer Minutes

You give me three questions you don’t want anyone else to ask you for accountability, focus and vision and I ask them, every day, every week or every month. The results are phenomenal. “How are you imagining the impact?”


Leadership Freedom

There can be a cost to positional influence in business. “How are you managing critical opposition throughout the leadership process?” Self-control is empathy with your future self. “Where are your energies going?” “How can you best asseverate yourself through this empowered journey?” “What would accelerate your freedom to lead?”


What is your Leadership Style?

Understanding how you lead promotes simplicity of thought and intentional flow. This discusses the Interaction Dynamics of ‘Leadershift’ styles.


Next Gen Network/Legacy

When looking at the world through older or younger eyes than you, what do you see? “How will mentoring someone or impacting another business change your life and change your thinking?” “How influential do you want to be?”