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Coach Name:Dr. Paola Fiore

Location:Milan, Italy

Zip Code:20090

Company name:ETICAMBIENTE® Sustainability Management & Communications Consulting

Job Title:Founder & CEO | Sustainability Mgmt & Comms Specialist | Sustainability & CSR Coach

Website or LinkedInWeb:


Professional Experience:Business Coach

Executive Coach

Leadership Coach

Sustainability Coach

Corporate Social Responsibility Coach

Qualifications and Accreditations:Accredited Professional Coach - Erickson College International (EPC)

Erickson Certified Professional Coach - Erickson College International (ECPC)

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) - International Coach Federation (ICF)

Member - International Coach Federation (ICF)

AC Accredited Executive Foundation Coach - Association for Coaching (AC)

Associate Member (AMAC) - Association for Coaching (AC)

Lead for the Association for Coaching (AC) Italy - North Italy

Coach in Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ® Certified Coach)

Languages:Italian (native speaker), English

Milan, Italy

Dr. Paola Fiore

CIQ Certified Coach

Dr. Paola Fiore is an Italy based consultant, coach, communicator, facilitator, trainer and speaker with over 23 years of multidisciplinary knowledge and experience in developing a culture of sustainable development and social responsibility.


She is also the Founder and CEO of ETICAMBIENTE® Sustainability Management & Communications Consulting, an Italian boutique consulting and coaching firm with over 17 years of experience in creating, implementing, and promoting sustainability and CSR projects and initiatives that help companies and consumers make more responsible choices about production and consumption.


As a consultant and forward-thinking pioneer, she leverages her creativity, passion for the environment and extensive expertise in environmental law, sustainability management and communications, and business and corporate coaching to create and promote sustainability solutions that transform companies into profitable and more responsible market leaders.


As a professional coach, she empowers individuals and organizations who wish to undertake new paths of personal and professional growth towards a sustainable lifestyle, career and business. In particular, she specializes in coaching leaders, innovators and executives who wish to become authentic sustainability champions.


By valuing natural capital and ecosystem services as critical assets, they see sustainability as one of the greatest business opportunities of our time. They hear the pressure from customers and partners to increase transparency on sustainability performance, and make supply chains more sustainable.


Through individual and group coaching programs, Dr. Paola Fiore empowers her customers to integrate sustainability, social responsibility and environmental and social benefits as core values into conversations and organizations, and take clear action steps towards effective stakeholder engagement and communication, while creating a culture of resilience and positive change.


Her clients move towards their desired outcomes, and see how these changes can fit sustainably into their bigger picture. By honoring their values, they take inspired steps that lead to important shifts in attitude, behaviors, and habit formation.


They improve the company’s performance and brand reputation, and develop more sustainable products and services. Through coaching, they achieve proven results that sustainability is a strategic objective that supports the Triple Bottom Line and also human health and our Planet’s life.


Dr. Paola Fiore is a Member of the International Coach Federation, Associate Member of the Association for Coaching, North Italy Lead for the Association for Coaching Italy, and the third Italian Accredited Coach by the Association for Coaching.


She is a Certified Professional Coach by the Erickson College International, Associate Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation, Accredited Executive Foundation Coach by the Association for Coaching, and she is the first Italian Certified Coach in Conversational Intelligence®, the global movement about the neuroscience of conversations developed by Judith E. Glaser.


As a professional journalist, member of the Italian Order of Journalists, she edits editorial publications about sustainability management and environmental protection, renewable energy and climate change. As a professional documentary photographer, she develops projects about environmental, landscape and social photography; she has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and the UK, and has worked extensively with the Grazia Neri Agency based in Milan.


She is also an active speaker and volunteer member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps – part of The Climate Reality Project – the non-profit organization of the Nobel Prize for Peace and US former Vice President Al Gore.


Within the European Branch of The Climate Reality Project, Dr. Paola Fiore is also part of the special Task Force of Climate Policy Experts on Climate Change Policy, and she is the National Coordinator for Italy for The Climate Reality Project.