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Coach Name:Donna Daigle

Location:Sumerduck, Virginia, United States of America

Zip Code:22742

Company name:Fiery Heart Solutions

Job Title:Consultant, Coach, Speaker

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Professional Experience:Personal Coach,
Professional Coach,
Business Development Consultant

Qualifications and Accreditations:Conversational Intelligence Certified Coach,
HeartMath Certified Mentor
Certified Behavioral Intelligence Coach,
Certified DreamFire Coach,
Certified Lifeforming Coach


Sumerduck, Virginia, United States of America

Donna Daigle

CIQ Certified Coach

With a multifaceted career background in IT, creative arts, broadcasting, and entrepreneurship, Donna Daigle is passionate about serving the highly creative, in teams and organizations, and as individuals, both professionally and personally. She is helping individuals and organizations find balance, build trust, and increase creativity and growth, for greater impact in the world.


With almost a decade of experience in IT, in government and private industry, as a systems analyst providing Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) solutions, as well as implementation, project management, client management and post-deployment support, Donna knows the need to have great communication in the workplace.


Through two decades of experience in the creative arts industry, in live theater management and design, and as an entrepreneur in a non-profit startup community theater, Ms. Daigle has become an expert in adaptability and creative solutions. She successfully founded and operated a children’s theater, growing both cast and audience more than 10-fold over 6 years, with tremendous community support.


Ms. Daigle began to see her inner fire come alive during her time in radio broadcasting. As production director, she was responsible for FCC compliance, along with creative support in producing highly engaging underwriting and promotional announcements. Donna also maintained her role as an on-air personality. In her seven years in radio, with experience in all facets of day to day operations, it was the interaction with the listeners that sparked a love for encouraging people to live authentically. This led to the pursuit of coaching as a career.  She is now certified in 5 coaching disciplines and methodologies, with a growing practice.


When Ms. Daigle started her C-IQ journey in January 2016, she had put her career on hold to be the primary caretaker for her mother during the final year of her life. Following this emotional challenge, Donna was exhausted, grieving and at a weight was over 325 pounds. She was discouraged, with indications of heart problems as well as a host of other ailments. And yet she was still aspiring to move forward.


Ms. Daigle believes that understanding the neuroscience behind what she was experiencing was fundamental to finding solutions. Learning HeartMath techniques and getting her heart and mind in coherence, coupled with changing her internal conversations, allowed her to begin changing conversations in her home, opening a space for greater innovation and greater inspiration, and she began to see changes in relationships and in her body.


The changes in Donna’s life are incredible! She is a living testimony of how powerful these methodologies are together! Her marriage has rekindled joy, her relationships with family are healthy, she has more confidence and drive, and the physical transformation is profound. Donna listened to her heart, and made better choices and has now lost 70 lbs and counting, she is completely off nine prescription meds, and is feeling better, with more energy every day, than she has in 30 years.


C-IQ and HeartMath are a powerful combination!