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Coach Name:Denise J. Cooper

Location:Charlotte, North Carolina, United States of America

Zip Code:28134

Company name:Remarkable Leadership Lessons LLC

Job Title:CEO/Founder

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Professional Experience:Executive Consultant and Coach,
Senior Human Resources professional

Qualifications and Accreditations:MBA Washington University,
Certified Business Coach - North Carolina State University


Charlotte, North Carolina, United States of America

Denise J. Cooper

CIQ Certified Coach

“It’s time to Remake HR and educate executives about the connection between trust, leadership, employee engagement and the bottom line. Today’s businesses are flatter, leaner, more diverse and financially constrained than ever before and still executives are tasked with meeting the demands of various stakeholders leading multi-generational organizations.


Denise Cooper, CEO and Founder of Remarkable Leadership Lessons, LLC (formerly known as CoachHR LLC) believes technology, the speed of change and a shift in values/beliefs caused by globalization have fundamentally change the business landscape and its time executives understood the impact these changes on their ability to do business.


Denise has repeatedly demonstrated the financial impact of talent on a business’s bottom-line and its ability to maintain a high performance culture. For example, she engaged employees, labor union and executives to save $12 million over three years at Peoples Gas Company; and add $2 million in revenue at Budget Rent a Car by working with business leaders to increase customer service performance.


The foundation of her work is teaching executives this one fundamental truth “When you’re running lean, trust between management and employees is the linchpin for sustaining high performance. She is the creator of a 12-month interactive leadership program called The Leader’s Journey: Creating A High Performance Culture and A Business Made to Succeed: A New Way Of People Planning
“Leading in general is not for the faint of heart. But leading during tough times means unearthing long held beliefs that need to be examined, challenged and re-envisioned. To be successful executives need to be comfortable to using their unique strengths to bring about tremendous value for everyone involved.” Denise Cooper


The pivotal moment occurred for Denise when she realized during some tricky labor negotiations that success at the bargaining table had less to do with the value of the proposal but the strength of the relationship, trust between the parties, and the values and beliefs held by all parties including onlookers. Success, whether at the bargaining table, with government officials, scientist, or the public is dependent upon the level of trust between all parties. It was a lesson she’s never forgotten and she credits with her success as a skilled coach and change facilitator.


Her breadth of experience includes working with retail executives at the Gap, Inc. Budget Rent A Car, Ulta and Lush Cosmetics, pharmaceutical and manufacturing divisions at Monsanto, the NC Kidney Foundation, the Charlotte Housing Authority and labor organizations. She’s led training departments capable of hiring and training 3000 people annually with a 99% success rate and created customized behavioral leadership profiles that lead to high performance cultures.


Over the last 10 years, Denise has been the guiding force behind an international coaching company. She earned a MBA from Washington University in St. Louis MO, coaching certification from North Carolina State University and studied under Judith Glaser to earn the distinguished designation as a certified Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) Coach.