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Coach Name:Denise Hunt

Location:Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Zip Code:7708

Company name:Denise Hunt Global

Job Title:Director

Website or,

Professional Experience:Executive Leadership Coach,
Coach Supervisor,
Change Consultant,
On line courses

Qualifications and Accreditations:ACC ICF;
Certified C-IQ Coach;
Certified Appreciative Inquiry Coach,
Coach Supervisor,
Public Health,
Leadership & Management

Languages:English (Spanish and French Associates)

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Denise Hunt

CIQ Certified Coach

Denise Hunt Global is the culmination of a revolutionary journey from teenage mum to CEO of international organisations. Denise’s passion for development and transformation is borne out through a decade’s experience as CEO leading multicultural teams through intensive restructures, rebranding and change management.


This level of life and leadership experience places Denise optimally to work with a small talented team of French and Spanish speaking Associates, bringing customised leadership development solutions to organizations across 15 countries.


Virtual platforms such as Skype are mostly used to reach clients at their places of work, often times in developing countries across Africa and beyond.


Services include facilitation, coach supervision, executive and leadership coaching, we work with teams and individuals to grow your Conversational Intelligence, leading personal and professional change. Coaches are internationally accredited, embracing a blend of multiple modalities and methodologies.


Our clients are ordinarily high impact Leaders already succeeding in their fields. As Directors, CEOs, Country Directors and Senior Management Teams, our clients are often leading transformation and change and pioneering innovation.


They are change catalysts, working towards achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals or participating in progressive leadership for the future.


Why work with us? We recognise existing strengths, skill and expertise. Through co-created partnership, we unleash further growth and potential.


Through powerful conversations, we generate increased collaboration and connection, discover creativity and innovation, transforming leadership and increasing high performance teams. Our values include provoking challenge, diversity, growth, service, wisdom and candour.


Denise Hunt Global accesses multiple modalities and methodologies across all services, including, but not limited to Co-active coaching, Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ®), Appreciative Inquiry, Transactional Analysis and beyond.


Executive Coaching engages the individual leader first, working with their core intelligence, navigating their expertise to achieve their defined change goals inevitably expanding impact and resonance across multiple levels of teams and relationships.


Coaching is often the synthesis that integrates life time learnings from multiple sources and enables the client to embed these practices into impactful, generative leadership and fulfillment.


Coaching is a journey towards discovering the depth of what already exists and ignites significantly more than what was thought possible – accessing reservoirs of unexplored excellence, optimal awakening, innovative genius, sharp connection, impactful collaboration and transformation.


We benchmark through pre- and post- coaching assessments, co-creating journeys towards change and greater impact.


Coach Supervision is a relatively new profound practice, offered to Coaches and others in serving professions, to ensure safe, reflective space to consider their work. This practice enables Supervisees (Coaches or others) to evoke their ‘Super Powers’, through generative, creative experimentation, awakening their optimal intrinsic selves.


Through the process, Supervisees are encouraged to notice how personal considerations intrude on professional conduct; are consistently affirmed and supported, whilst held accountable for their ongoing development, as well as that of the practice and profession.


This is therefore an increasingly potent and profound space, with far-reaching impact.


Supervision of organizational coaches, internal or external, provides an additional significant benefit in terms of organisational development feedback. When well utilised, Supervision impacts numerous levels of the business.