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Coach Name:Deborah Goldstein

Location:New York, New York, United States of America

Zip Code:10065

Company name:DRIVEN Professionals

Job Title:Facilitator and Executive Coach specializing in Women's Leadership and D&I

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Professional Experience:- Executive Coach

- Program Design and Facilitator (Women’s Leadership, Intentional Productivity, D&I, Business Development)

- Panel Moderator

- Motivational Speaker

- Podcast Host

Qualifications and Accreditations:- Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach®
- Restaurant Owner | Entrepreneur


New York, New York, United States of America

Deborah Goldstein

CIQ Certified Coach

Deborah “Goldie” Goldstein is the founder of DRIVEN Professionals, whose mission is to help companies attract, retain and promote top talent. DRIVEN’s tailored programming and coaching supports professionals in Business Development Strategies, Intentional Productivity, and Corporate Emotional Intelligence, the third of which encompasses the virtues of workplace trust and feedback as measures for building an inclusive corporate culture. Under the DRIVEN umbrella, Deborah developed GRACE In The WorkplaceTM; a platform to work with women on creating self-leadership protocols, transforming them into effective and respected leaders. DRIVEN’s goal is to empower motivated professionals to live more productive, more engaged and more energized lives.


Deborah also founded Goldie’s Table Matters(GTM), a company that enables professionals to maximize networking opportunities and business development in a setting conducive to building rapport: The restaurant business meal. She created Strategic DiningSMin 2008, a program that has been summed up as “Peter Drucker meets Anthony Bourdain meets Miss Manners”. The program finds Deborah engaged in one-on-one educational sessions and group workshop deliveries wherein she offers guidance in areas that are not always intuitive in professional services. These include social skills refinement, effective network development, exuding executive presence, strategic business development planning, and engagement in follow-up strategies.


Deborah is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and has been featured on Bloomberg Surveillance TV. She is also a frequent contributor to the business blogging website Iris as well as the women’s lifestyle website The Three Tomatoes. She is a GLG Council Member, sits on the Global Advisory Council of IMPACT Leadership 21, the NYC Leadership Council of BIAAG, and the Board of Directors at SEEK Safely.


Shortly after graduating from the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, Deborah opened the still beloved, New York Times-acclaimed Goldie’s By The Bridgein Sleepy Hollow, NY in 1991. A restaurant ahead of its time, Goldie’s offered Fresh Market Cuisine™, a progressive wine list and monthly wine dinners, which positioned the restaurant as a destination for wine education with a menu that changed with the seasons. Deborah’s teambuilding and professional development skills were initially developed during her restaurant career, inspiring her business pursuits in the ensuing years. She is now a “recovering restaurateur”.


Deborah subsequently sold wine for Martin Scott Wines, has written nearly 100 food and beverage-related articles for LearnVest, consulted for various restaurants in New York and California, worked at Tom Colicchio’s acclaimed restaurant Craft, and worked at Blue Hill, a Michelin three-star NYC restaurant, gathering experiences along the way which ultimately led to her establishing GTM’s Strategic DiningSMprogram.


Deborah rejuvenates her energy by dedicating herself to a robust exercise program and creating frequent Fresh Market meals for friends and loved ones. She splits her time between NYC and Putnam Valley, NY, thriving in the stillness of her country home to contrast the intensity of NYC life. Balance is an aspiration, if not a perpetual reality for Deborah. She is grateful to manage a well-integrated life, often reminding folks that she is DRIVEN’s best student.