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Coach Name:David Tay


Zip Code:440067

Company name:Nfeel PTE LTD

Job Title:Life & Sports Coach

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Professional Experience:Coached competitive swimmers since 1984

Motivational and leadership work with youth & athletes since 1984

Sports coaching (triathlon, running, swimming, endurance sports) since 2000

General Manager/Coach for the swimming academy/youth team at the Singapore Sports School (2003 to 2005)

High Performance Manager/Coach for the Singapore Swimming Team (2005 to 2008)

Coach/Manager for the Singapore Open Water Swim Team in 2011

Head Coach for the Singapore University Triathlon Teams at the World University Triathlon Championships in 2010 (Valencia, Spain) 2012 (Yilan, Taiwan), & 2014 (Brasilia, Brazil)

Coach for the National University of Singapore Swim & Aquathlon Teams since 2008

Life Coach for Teens and Adults at Supermind Indo ( (2013-2015)

Life & Sports coaching for Master athletes (adults) since 2008

Qualifications and Accreditations:Post-Graduate Diploma in Organizational Psychology - Birkbeck University, UK

Bachelor of Science in Management (Hons) - University of London/Singapore Institute of Management

Certificate in Education/Physical Education - Ministry of Education, Singapore

Swimming Coach Level 3/Competitive - Singapore Swimming Association/Singapore Sports Council

Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition - T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies/Cornell University, USA

Certificate in Plant-Based Sports Nutrition & Elite Sports Nutrition - Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy, USA

Coaching Certification in C-IQ - Conversational Intelligence/Judith Glaser, USA

Member of the International Coaching Federation - Singapore Chapter

Member of the World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA)

Member of the community of

Member of the National Registry of Coaches - Singapore

Languages:English, Chinese / Mandarin (spoken only)


David Tay

CIQ Certified Coach

In Ken Robinson’s book, ‘Finding Your Element’, he mentioned that being in your own element is about doing something that feels so completely natural to you, that resonates so strongly with you, that you feel that this is who you really are. I would add to it by saying that when we are in our element, we are being who we truly are.


The gift of being human is that we have deep creative resources and from these we can continuously transform our lives if we choose. Whether you aim to change the whole world or the world within you, the limits are set as much by your imagination as by your current circumstances. This has been true for all people since the beginnings of human history.’ (Ken Robinson).


It is my purpose here to help and coach others find their element, and for them to awaken to their purpose here on earth.


As human beings, we connect with others through conversations, be it spoken, written or through our body language, above and on top of spending moments together. How the relationships strengthen or weaken will depend a lot on how we deliver these conversations. Similarly, we spend a lot of time engaged in self-talk, and often, not filtered; and unless we are aware of the essence of these self-talk, we may unconsciously be led to believe in everything ‘spoken to us’ and have little or no clue what’s happening in our lives, let alone, knowing how we are living our lives.


As a life coach, it is my responsibility to walk with you in this discovery journey, to be mindful of what is going on in and around us,  and in bringing out the best in yourself – your True North. From there, living your purpose in this lifetime will become a reality. And wherever you may be, and whatever you do in life, you will always be centered in your true self.


When we are all being true to who we are, we will create a ripple effect to the people around us (& inspiring them to be likewise), and possibly make a positive difference in the world.