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Coach Name:Colette Pellissier

Location:Long Beach, California, United States of America

Zip Code:90808

Company name:Illuminated Leadership

Job Title:Chief Evolution Officer & Founder

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Professional Experience:Leadership Development,
Organizational Development,
Executive Coaching,
Growing Individuals,
Teams and Sustainable Company Cultures

Qualifications and Accreditations:ICF ACC,
MA Spiritual Psychology,
Myers-Briggs Certified,
C-IQ Certified Coach,
Change Management


Long Beach, California, United States of America

Colette Pellissier

CIQ Certified Coach

Colette Pellissier shares more than two decades of Fortune 100 organizational consulting, leadership development and executive coaching experience through her professional practice.  She is committed to the cultivation of inclusive, generative work cultures as a foundation for the greatest levels of employee engagement, sustainably high service & product quality, and breakthrough business results.  


Her clients range from C-Suite to high potentials & line managers, alike, and she receives accolades from her individual clients as well as those she serves in teams and large group format.


Colette supports her clients to create greater impact and solve their most pressing problems with an approach that is holistic & strengths-based, laced with humor, and integrates broad business acumen with deep experience in change management, transitions, appreciative inquiry, neuroscience of leadership, Conversational Intelligence, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, spiritual psychology, mindfulness, as well as native and eastern wisdom traditions.


Leading with emotional intelligence ~Ÿ Conversational Intelligence Ÿ~Women’s Leadership
Development Ÿ~ Millennial mentorship ~ Transcending diversity to cultivate inclusive leadership & inclusive cultures Ÿ~ Leadership presence and resilience Ÿ~ Overcoming Overwhelm ~ Productivity breakthroughs Ÿ~ Coaching skills for line managers at all organizational levels Ÿ~ Organization culture transformation Ÿ~ Sustainable growth for family held business ~ Change management Ÿ~ Employee engagement ~ ŸTalent retention Ÿ~ Talent succession ~Ÿ High performance collaboration ~ ŸBridging generational, cultural and gender bias Ÿ~ Supporting service professionals with Compassion Fatigue ~ Integrated ways of being and doing within and across individuals, teams, departments & geographies.


Colette has expertise in consumer products, manufacturing, health & wellness, and a variety of other industries.  


She has more than thirty years direct career & leadership experience in large global enterprises, in virtually every functional discipline, with extensive insights in portfolio / innovation management, new product design, commercialization and production, as well as end to end supply chain integration and customer delight.


It’s just as important to find a helping professional who is a good fit stylistically, as it is to find the right qualifications.  If you are ready to discuss your specific needs, Colette is delighted to offer a complimentary initial consultation.