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Coach Name:Cheryl Good

Location:Naples, Florida & Northeast, Wisconsin, United States of America

Zip Code:34110 & 54212

Company name:Performance Solutions & Consulting Inc.

Job Title:Company President

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Professional Experience:27 Years of Executive Coaching

Leadership Development

Organizational Development

Strategic Planning


Qualifications and Accreditations:B.S. Business & Psychology, Indiana University

C-IQ Certified

Management Resource Group - Strategic Directions,

Leadership Effectiveness Analysis 360

Individual Directions

Personal Directions

Sales Professional Analysis

Service Excellence Certified

Consulting Resource Group - Personal Style Assessment

Job Style Assessment

Entrepreneurial Assessment

Self Worth Assessment

Values Assessment

Sales Style Assessment

Learning Style Assessment

Instructional Style Assessment

Leadership 360 Certified

DiSC Certified

Hogan Leadership Suite Certified


Naples, Florida & Northeast, Wisconsin, United States of America

Cheryl Good

CIQ Certified Coach

Cheryl Good is the Principal and Managing Consultant for Performance Solutions. She is dedicated to delivering consistent, leading edge Executive & Organizational Development Coaching & Consulting Services that show a return on the investment.


With 27 years of experience in Organizational Effectiveness Consulting & Executive Development, Cheryl is a prime workforce solutions, strategic planning & cultural change consultant. She has developed, managed and led her own consulting practice, Performance Solutions, for the past sixteen years.


Over the past 27 years, as an organizational development professional, Cheryl has spearheaded important organizational initiatives including coaching executives & organizational leaders, building high performance teams, leading cultural change initiatives, planning & preparing for leadership succession, facilitating talent review processes & designing organizational strategic planning sessions.


Cheryl works to gain an in-depth understanding of critical business needs inside an organization and then develops an approach designed to ensure that business goals will be successfully realized when the power of employee commitment & leadership effectiveness is harnessed. She’s worked directly with CEO’s, Business Owners, Presidents and Executive Teams coaching them towards strategically determining a future for themselves & their organization that is designed to increase performance, productivity and profitability.


Cheryl specializes in developing high performance, leadership-driven cultures that produce self-directed, innovative and highly efficient teams. Cheryl believes developmental change is most effective when it starts from the top. She knows it is critical to have senior leadership involved within the change processes at all levels in order to drive organizational effectiveness that will be out in front of market change.


Thriving amid difficult situations that others shy away from, Cheryl is a skilled consultant and coach to executives and their teams. She is motivated by the positive impact that effective leadership can have on an organization and on the internal and external stakeholders it employs and serves. She is well acquainted with the difficult and numerous leadership demands that leaders must face.


Her coaching and consulting engagements are typically an outgrowth of broader organization development initiatives or complex situations where there are high stake challenges for the owner, executive or team. Cheryl is willing and able to bring sensitive issues out into the open in a constructive way yet she confronts issues directly with the sense of urgency dictated by the organization.


Cheryl’s extensive experience results in her having thoughtful, compassionate and effective relationships with clients. Flexibility and creativity enable Cheryl to find unique solutions with and on behalf of her clients.


Please visit her website for references from current and past clients and additional information about her services.