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Coach Name:Charlotte Weston-Horsmann

Location:Bernried, Upper Bavaria, Germany

Zip Code:82347

Company name:Culture View

Job Title:Executive Coach for Clarity, Resilience and Wise Action Leadership Communication Trainer and Facilitator

Website or
Linkedin: Charlotte Weston-Horsmann

Professional Experience:Senior and middle management,
Project leaders,
Expats in transition,

Workshops for Intercultural Competence,
Cultural Awareness Training,
Leadership Communication

Qualifications and Accreditations:M.A. - UCLA, California: German Language,Literature and Philosophy,

Postgraduate Qualification:
Intercultural Communication and Cooperation - Munich University of Applied Science(2005),

Certified Coach:
International Leadership - Dr. Eva Kinast, HR Consulting and Coaching, Munich (2008/2009)

Certified Coach for Profiler Tool: Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC) for Business Improvement, Netherlands (2011)

ICF (ACC) Accredited Coach (2013)

Intercultural Business Trainer/Moderator (IBT/M) ® (2015/16)

Assist International HR, Paderborn (2015/2016)

Certified in Conversational Intelligence

Judith Glaser, Benchmark Communications (2016)

Languages:English and German - native speaker, French – fluent, Italian – basic knowledge

Bernried, Upper Bavaria, Germany

Charlotte Weston-Horsmann

CIQ Certified Coach

In 2015 and 2016, Charlotte signed up for the WBECS series which opened further perspectives, providing hours of inspiration and insight while listening and re-listening to top-level coaches on every level of the coaching spectrum.


While nearly all speakers imparted valuable learning, Judith Glaser and Conversational Intelligence struck a particular cord: “Everything starts with a conversation” or sets the stage for developing a trust-based relationship, and “Words create Worlds” – Indeed!  Be mindful of the communication dynamic you set in motion with intent and impact! She signed up for the Certification Course in 2016 and is delighted to announce that as of last week, January 10th, 2017, she is a C-IQ certified coach!


Currently, Charlotte is contracted as an external coach for a multi-national pharmaceutical company. Her scope of work includes both individual and team coaching with a focus on bridging cultural differences and recognizing how different “maps of the territory” can prove threatening, close down and lead to disconnect. In the worst of cases, this results in a total breakdown in communication, impacting both morale and performance.


This is where C-IQ provides invaluable insight based on neuroscientific evidence together with a toolbox on how to move beyond the disconnect to (re)emerge underlying trust and (re)connect with a healthy curiosity to explore and discover new territory. Sustaining this environment of acceptance (and humor!), as well of trust gradually leads individuals to expand perspectives, find more joy in their work and engage in co-creation to perform at their interpersonal best.


Charlotte is a true global native, having grown up in Southern Germany and lived and worked in the U.S ,England, France, Francophone Africa; North Africa and the Middle East. She obtained a Master’s Degree in German Literature and Philosophy from UCLA and embarked on a teaching career in French and German at both the secondary-school and university level, including a sojourn at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California.


She joined a non-profit organization under the auspices of USAID as a project manager based in Tunis, Tunisia, the regional headquarters for North Africa and the Middle East. She was responsible for needs assessment and designing information & education workshops within the scope of family planning and maternal child heath at designated health care sites throughout the region.


In addition, Charlotte translated the following three books from German to English, which were published respectively in 2010, 2011 and 2012:


  • Handbook of Intercultural Communication and Cooperation, Vol.1: Basics and Areas of Application. Published by Vandenhoeck&Rupprecht
  • Systemic Interventions. Published by Vandenhoek and Ruprecht
  • Resource Oriented Teamwork: Systemic Work in Collegial Consultation. Published by Vandenhoek and Rupprecht