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Coach Name:Carol Appleby

Location:Broadway, New South Wales, Australia

Zip Code:2007

Company name:Mindxcite®

Job Title:Director/Partner at Mindxcite®

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Professional Experience:-Executive Coach

-Coaching Psychologist

Qualifications and Accreditations:-BA


-Dip Teach



-Member Australian Psychological Society

-Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

-Certified in Conversational Intelligence


Broadway, New South Wales, Australia

Carol Appleby

CIQ Certified Coach

I have worked as a psychologist and coaching psychologist for over 30 years and in the past 10 of those years I have, in partnership with my husband Jon Appleby, created a leadership development and executive coaching business, called Mindxcite®.


At Mindxcite®we focus on leadership development and help business leaders and their teams develop effective communication systems that improve their engagement and productivity. Our expertise in communication and the neuroscience of conversations help companies who want to develop a resonant culture that drives growth, productivity and high levels of engagement.


We use the principles of Conversational Intelligence®and the neuroscience of conversations to assist our clients in developing a high level of understanding of the dynamics of their conversations. This understanding is vital in developing a WE culture that promotes higher levels of trust within the organisation, which in turn increases the engagement and performance of staff.


We primarily work with leaders and their teams in developing effective communication systems that promote a culture of trust. When this culture is in place organisations are better placed to harness their collective creativity, innovation and agility to respond to change.


The principles of Conversational Intelligence®help our clients to understand the neuroscience of conversations and experience the difference between the three main levels of conversation. These experiences awaken a new understanding of the power of conversations and how we all hold the key to changing how we engage with others to strengthen and grow relationships. This happens at both a professional and personal level, opening up dialogue that extends our understanding of other’s conversations through the use of powerful tools you will learn. These tools will enable you to create a space in individual and team interactions where individuals feel valued and acknowledged for their unique contribution.