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Coach Name:Ann Terry

Location:Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Zip Code:B29 7JP

Company name:Engaging Solutions

Job Title:Executive Coach and Facilitator

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Professional Experience:Executive Coach,

Qualifications and Accreditations:C-IQ certified Coach,
Stakeholder Centred Coach,
NLP Practitioner


Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Ann Terry

CIQ Certified Coach

Ann has a proven track record of making important conversations within and across organisations happen with ease.  She is an experienced executive coach and impactful facilitator with a high level of interpersonal skills and ability to engage teams and individuals from a range of organisational cultures.


She is brought in to work with teams and leaders who seemed to metaphorically be speaking different languages, clinical teams that are struggling to adapt to change or with diverse public services seemingly pulling in different directions.  She is able to quickly establish connections and support them in navigating different conversations that arrive at the route of the issue and help them move forward.   The resulting increase in innovative thinking and sense of wellbeing is palpable. Clients that she has worked with include multinational pharma companies, global luxury brands, High Tech companies, the police, and various health and social care organisations.


Ann is able to partner with leaders from these different organisations to co-create a shared visions and strategies.  She integrates her own background of senior leadership in the health sector with her extensive experience of coaching and facilitation in the commercial sector.  This, coupled with her understanding of how the brain responds at work enables her to effectively support leaders in rapidly developing trust and employee engagement with organisational strategy and change.


She is an accredited Conversation Intelligence ® Coach, Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centred Coach and accredited with the ICF.  Thrown in for good measure is a PhD in Physiology and Psychology, she is also NLP practitioner accredited by Richard Bandler.


In addition to working extensively at various levels in the corporate and public sector, Ann has been privileged to work with large groups of severely disaffected teenagers.  Using a combination of energy, fun and neuroscience there was a resulting increase in their attainment levels and passion for learning.  Ann has also worked successfully with multi agency partnerships within communities to develop strategic responses designed to reduce the impact of abuse in children.


She lives in Birmingham, one of the UK friendliest and diverse cities with her partner and three young adults who teach her something new every day.  She loves walking and running in the hills of Wales and Cumbria or swimming in the Irish Sea whenever she can. She has recently discovered the joy of singing and has been delighted to sing with her choir in Birmingham’s awe inspiring symphony hall with its world class acoustics and orchestra.