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Coach Name:Angela Nesbitt

Location:New York, United States of America

Zip Code:10801

Company name:Jaziri Group

Job Title:Principal

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Professional Experience:Executive Coach

Management Consultant

Qualifications and Accreditations:C-IQ



New York, United States of America

Angela Nesbitt

CIQ Certified Coach

I help leaders and entrepreneurs achieve clarity, congruence and commitment to themselves & their goals through an intense partnership in which I apply critical thinking, curiosity, compassion, and a deep commitment to client success.


My systematic process seeks root causes of what keeps you stuck and helps you to:

  • Become aligned and congruent in actions, values, strengths, and intuition;
  • Navigate difficult conversations in complex situations;
  • Implement innovation for better results;
  • Create a joyful, committed personal life, despite unpredictability and insufficient time.


Typical results clients demand include:

  • Ability to clarify and prioritize their meaning of success and fulfillment;
  • Create alignment of personal desires with the business’ values, vision and priorities; and
  • Master the tools to significantly improve performance, especially the ability to navigate difficult conversations in complex situations and developing high-performance teams.


The focus of my work is to:

  • Crystalize thinking;
  • Create maps for achievement without exhausting willpower; and
  • Build both the individual self and the group.


I thrive when I:

  • Innovate the paths to follow and map-making in ambiguous situations (improvise, negotiate shortcuts & alternatives, create sense of urgency, initiate change),
  • Design systems (planning, coordinating, organizing information, focus, and closure),
  • Digesting complex information and presenting alternatives simply and coherently for decision making, i.e., being the bridge between subject-matter experts and those who might be impatient and need “top three facts.”
  • Envision how things could work (visualize possibilities, collaborate virtually, conceptualize, intuitive decision-making).

After my early years in Africa I earned an MBA from Wharton Graduate School & an AB from Dartmouth College. Before taking time out to raise my teenage daughters I was a principal & worked in firms such as Mercer Companies, Towers Perrin, World Bank & Commercial Bank of Africa.

For 25 years I’ve provided coaching, consulting & advisory services for individuals, start-ups, multinationals & international government agencies. Natural gifts combined with hard lessons have given me the tools to successfully help others:


  • Achieve goals when there is no road map
  • Be clear around values & priorities
  • Nurture unique combinations of gifts

My clients’ obstacles have been my own. Only when I deliberately accepted all of myself could I cultivate courage & resilience. My story is a work in progress but I promise it is a lot more fun to emerge on the other side with the heart to accept yourself and the backbone to thrive.

My ideal client seeks to:

  • Expand boundaries and paradigms;
  • Create a high-performance culture in support of innovation; and
  • Enable employees to grow, thrive & contribute to your enterprise.


If this is you I look forward to helping you achieve your audacious goals while feeling healthy & balanced.

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